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A blend of functionality and aesthetics with light designs

A blend of functionality and aesthetics with light designs

Our approach was not just about lighting up spaces but infusing them with a sense of wonder, eye-catching and curiosity, especially for the little ones.

APTA Lighting Design Studio is a beacon of innovation transforming indoor playground lighting with its innovative ‘Playaza’ project, reshaping how we experience illumination in kids’ play spaces. As we delved into the initial phases, thorough research became our guiding light, drawing insights from other projects in India and focusing on the minutiae that make children’s amusement parks truly unique.

Our central focus is on children and parents as primary stakeholders, underscoring the importance of creating an environment that is not only enjoyable but also comfortable.


Our journey was marked by challenges, primarily around integrating custom-made products. Striking a delicate balance between achieving optimal illumination levels and preserving the thematic integrity of the space was key. We navigated these challenges with finesse, ensuring that the Playaza project would be a visually stunning spectacle and a practical and functional space for children and their families.

Indoor playground lighting and children’s health

At the heart of our design philosophy lies a profound understanding of the impact lighting has on children’s health. Recognising that approximately 80 percent of early learning is acquired through vision, we implemented design specifications adhering to international standards, such as EN 12464 and ISO 8995. These standards govern factors like illumination levels, uniformity, avoidance of glare, and selecting the right colour temperature.

A standout feature of Playaza is our inventive approach to lighting. We intentionally create an atmosphere where vibrant colours abound, yet no light source is visible from the outside. This enhances the thematic atmosphere and ensures that children and parents are enveloped in a visually engaging and interactive environment, sparking their curiosity and imagination.

Design philosophy

APTA Lighting Design Studio follows the Foam Follows Functionality approach, placing functionality and purpose-driven illumination at the forefront of our designs. It’s not just about creating visually appealing spaces; it’s about seamlessly integrating lighting solutions that align with a space’s specific needs and functions. Our lighting philosophy is rooted in being Human-Centric and Socially Responsible, prioritising the well-being of individuals and the community.

Smart Lighting Systems play a pivotal role, allowing dynamic adjustments in intensity, colour temperature, and individual fixture control. This enhances energy efficiency and provides customisable lighting experiences based on user preferences.

Aesthetic inspiration

Nature serves as an eternal muse for APTA Lighting Design Studio. The intricate dance of light and shadow in natural settings informs our designs, creating spaces that evoke serenity and connection. Our aesthetic inspiration extends beyond visual beauty; it embraces the changing hues of the sky, translating them into lighting environments mirroring essential circadian rhythms.

Smart home technology

APTA Lighting Design Studio focuses on enhancing user experiences as smart home technology evolves. Our philosophy remains universal, but our adaptability ensures we meet the evolving needs of modern spaces. Incorporating smart lighting controls enables flexible adjustments, improving energy efficiency, and delivering an exceptional lighting experience aligned with today’s technological advancements.

For more info visit: https://aptalightingdesignstudio.com/


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