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In’Sight strives to create dynamic and efficient lighting

In’Sight strives to create dynamic and efficient lighting

Let’s delve into the evolving landscape of lighting design with Philip Rafael, Design Director at In’Sight Lighting Design, where he shares his perspectives on the core principles guiding impactful lighting solutions, and the dynamic evolution of lighting design.

What principles guide your approach to creating impactful lighting solutions for architectural projects? When approaching a project, my primary concern is understanding how a space is intended to be used and then looking at how that space can be designed with light to create a meaningful experience. This involves a comprehensive understanding of the architectural and design context, user needs, and the desired experience and atmosphere. I believe in balancing technical precision and artistic expression, aiming for innovative solutions that can stand the test of time. This commitment to a holistic, user-centric, and forward-thinking approach forms the foundation for creating impactful lighting solutions that enhance architectural spaces’ overall experience and functionality.

In your experience, how has the role of lighting design evolved in shaping the overall aesthetics and functionality of architectural spaces?
The role of lighting design is continuously evolving. Originally, this evolution was guided by the desire of lighting designers to merge the precision of engineering with the magic of art. While being a bridge that can never be connected, today’s lighting designers have found a healthy middle ground capable of drawing knowledge from either discipline. Today, the profession further expands its horizons by incorporating elements from media, interactivity, IoT (Internet of Things), AR (Augmented Reality), and AI (Artificial Intelligence). This dynamic evolution enhances the profession, pushing boundaries to create immersive, innovative, and technologically integrated lighting solutions that redefine the aesthetics and functionality of architectural spaces.

Can you discuss a project that posed unique lighting challenges and how your team at In’Sight overcame them to achieve a successful design outcome?
Our recent project, the newly designed CBRE office in the heart of Berlin, is a good example to review. Since the onset of the pandemic, business needs have evolved, with a current focus on collaborative and flexible workspaces. This compelled us to re-evaluate the traditional workspace with fresh perspectives and led to creating a dynamic workplace concept featuring meticulously planned lighting zones, addressing diverse work requirements while enhancing functionality and aesthetic coherence. The collaborative effort with CBRE resulted in a harmonious, energy-efficient, visually appealing office space, aligning with modern workplace trends and addressing evolving business needs.

Given the rapid advancements in lighting technology, how does In’Sight stay at the forefront of innovation and integrate the latest trends into your design projects?
In’Sight prioritises a forward-thinking approach by drawing inspiration from technological and artistic advancements, ensuring a leading position in innovation.

This involves seamlessly integrating the latest lighting technology trends into design projects. Regular participation in industry conferences, cutting-edge research engagement, and collaboration with technology leaders are integral. Our designs consistently reflect contemporary and efficient lighting solutions by maintaining this mindset and staying closely connected with industry advancements.

Lighting plays a crucial role in influencing human behaviour and wellbeing. How does In’Sight consider these aspects when designing lighting solutions for various spaces?
It’s important to have a holistic approach to lighting design and recognise its profound impact on human behaviour and wellbeing. By understanding this and layering it with the design brief and intent, a concept such as CBRE’s Berlin office will emerge as a dynamic workplace that puts staff wellbeing at the forefront. The team at In’Sight will then proceed to tailor specific lighting solutions to meet these needs, fostering both productivity and positive atmospheres. In’Sight strives to create dynamic and efficient lighting solutions that positively influence the human experience.

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