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Illuminating spaces with elegance and efficiency

Illuminating spaces with elegance and efficiency

This interaction delves into Shubhada Mundle’s’ philosophy, which recounts a standout project, discusses the impact of technology on lighting, and explores the future of smart home integration in lighting design.

Can you share one of your best projects and walk us through the concept, challenges faced, and how you approached the lighting design?
One of the best projects we worked on was Metro Inox Insignia Theatre at Marine Lines, Mumbai. The old and iconic Metro Cinemas were getting renovated, and the Architects had a specific theme in mind where there had to be a blend of layers of lighting such as indirect lighting, decorative light fixtures and some downlights. The project was quite fast-paced, being a commercial one, and we had to navigate through design and execution quite rapidly. The approach for lighting design was to provide a solution that was efficient and long-term, avoiding overlighting or light losses, cost-effective, well-planned and in line with the concept.

What is your overarching philosophy or approach when creating lighting designs? How do you ensure your designs align with your personal or professional values?
Light plays a crucial role in human life and circadian rhythm. Artificial light has to be planned to enhance human life in terms of comfort, productivity and overall well-being. As professional lighting design consultants, we aim to provide a sustainable solution that aligns with client and project requirements. As lighting is an irreplaceable part of any indoor or outdoor project, we strive to provide a productive lighting scheme.

Regarding technology, which lighting innovations or tools do you find most exciting or impactful in your recent projects?
LED Lighting Technology has completely transformed the lighting industry in recent years. Using this efficient LED Technology, regular innovations of various types of light fixtures are launched in the market every few months. As designers and consultants, we get to experiment and use such new innovative products in our projects. Various software are game changers such as AutoCAD for plotting lighting layouts, Dialux Evo for 3D lux calculations, Photoshop for illustrating lighting effects on the 3D views, measuring actual lux levels with lux meters post-completion of the project, etc.

How would you describe your design aesthetic when it comes to lighting? Are specific themes, styles, or elements consistently inspiring your work?
Our design aesthetic is focused on creating a lighting design that blends into any space’s architecture. The focus is more on creating a minimalistic glare-free lighting scheme that includes layers of lighting such as indirect, direct, decorative, accent, etc. A play of light and shadows quite inspires our work.

With the rapid evolution of smart home technology, how do you see it influencing the future of lighting design?
In this current era, automation works brilliantly for lighting design schemes. As lighting design consultants, we frequently contact automation companies and lighting fixture manufacturers. We attend their seminars and workshops and visit their factories to stay at the forefront of such swift advancements.

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