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ACE 50 : Featuring 50 advanced architectural products and solutions.

ACE 50 : Featuring 50 advanced architectural products and solutions.

Here’s the quick glance at some of the most advanced architectural products and solutions that are transforming the construction industry. Our feature does not look to judge or grade any individual product or solution as they all are breakthrough technologies in their respective product segment. The number mentioned against each does not depict any ranking.

Digital platform for tracking and monitoring building performance

Design and construction of greener and healthier buildings have significantly gained traction over last decades. While design intent can be met through a well designed green building and its certification, it is critical that these buildings perform as designed. Performance of any building is heavily dependent on operation and maintenance and often there is a gap in this area. Arc aims to bridge this gap and provides a unique platform to track performance of buildings so that they can perform as designed and set new benchmarks for better performance. Arc is a digital platform which is designed to help companies to collect, manage, and benchmark their data on a local as well as global level, and to improve the sustainability performance.
The Arc platform was launched last year by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI). It helps connecting people all over the world to take appropriate actions and inspire them to make the most informed decisions related to sustainability of our built environment.

According to Mili Majumdar, Managing Director – GBCI and Sr. Vice President at USGBC, “It (Arc) is a transformational initiative that has a huge leverage effect on tracking and reducing emissions and other environmental impacts from buildings. It provides the building owner and the building facility manager with a tool to engage with the occupants to create healthier and efficient working and living spaces.”

Arc helps track both parameters i.e. energy performance and human experience and thus ensuring that thermal or visual comfort is not compromised at the cost of efficiency.

MasterSeal roof systems for waterproofing

MasterSeal Roof Systems under the BASF’s Master Builders Solutions brand expand the portfolio of waterproofing with the launch of a simple-to-use liquid based on polyurethane technology. The systems use proprietary polyurethane materials to create elastomeric durable fully bonded membrane systems.

MasterSeal Roof Spray and hand applied elastomeric waterproofing membranes have become a revolutionary alternative to conventional waterproofing methods provided by bituminous membranes. These liquid applied membranes conform to all irregular surfaces without laps, welds, or seams forming a seamless membrane with no weak points for water ingress.

MasterSeal 3500
The spray technology of MasterSeal Roof 3500 has evolved and revolutionised the installation of traditionally roofing membranes. The MasterSeal 3500 spray applied membranes set in just 30 seconds after application to form a solid, impervious, monolithic membrane. It is seamless and has the unique benefit of conforming to all irregular surfaces removing the need for laps and pre-formed sections. This makes detailing work using MasterSeal Roof 3500 up to 20 times faster than traditional sheet membranes as the system is applied at the same time as the main deck waterproofing membrane.

MasterSeal Roof 2163
This waterproofing system is a hand applied variant consisting of a single component waterproofing membrane as the main layer. The system is hand applied using a squeegee or roller. The system is flexible and is ideal in confined areas or where access is limited. It is an economic alternative to spray-applied systems with no need for special spray equipment and highly skilled work force, thus ideal for small residential roofs and balconies.


100% leak proof roofing sheets!

Aqua Proof Roofing Sheets, introduced by Prime Group, is claims to be 100 per cent leak proof.

The unique feature of Aqua Proof is its self locking caps fixed above the ribs (alternate or all). It prevents water leakage as the screws are not exposed and keeps the sheets corrosion free for years. The facility of installing insulated solar panels without drilling the sheets makes it different from other sheets. This is done by fixing it on to the roof frame with a screw. Corrosion resistant screws with high durability are used to fix the sheets. It could be fixed anywhere at any length. Solar panels are tightened using clamps and locked to keep them safe even in a violent storm.

Aqua Proof roofing sheets are available in a spectrum of colours with polyurethane insulation. The top and bottom skins of Aqua Proof sandwich panels have a coating of Aluzinc and can be easily laid on z purlins or box purlins. Insulated sandwich panels with a thickness ranging from 25 mm to 75 mm provide thermal insulation and help regulate the heat within the building. It can also be used as a simple roof top or wall cladding. They are suitable for any buildings ranging across shopping complexes, educational institutions, hospitals, godowns and multi-storeyed buildings.


Waterproof tile adhesive for tiled surfaces

Architectural surfaces include beautiful tiled surfaces. However, tiled surfaces often look shabby and become avenues for water ingress due to unsound tiling methods. The solution for long-lasting beautiful tiled surfaces and providing a barrier to water ingress is by use of high performance waterproof tile adhesives. Zentrival PL and Zentrival PL-flex are the latest generation tile adhesives specially formulated for fixing of ceramic, vitrified, glazed and decorative stone tiles and insulation boards by thin bed method. The average bed thickness can be as low as 1 mm and it replaces the conventional bed thickness of pat mortar of 15 to 20 mm.

These waterproof tile adhesives are easy to use. Simply add the powder to water (not reverse) to obtain paste like consistency. Allow the mix to stand for about 10 minutes to react and then apply to the substrate using normal trowels. Use a notched tiling trowel to comb the adhesive to achieve material savings. The tiles can then be placed in position by slight twisting motion. EIFS, fibre cement boards and even concrete blocks can be adhered similarly. Tiles need not be pre-wetted and no batting of tiles is required thereby avoiding the breakage. No pre-roughening of plaster is necessary as tile adhesive adheres even to smooth surfaces and there is no wastage. The joints between the tiles should be grouted using Zentrival FM, premixed, waterproof grout.

MC-Bauchemie (India) Pvt Ltd manufactures this product along with a host of other construction chemicals in technical and financial collaboration with MC-Bauchemie, Germany.


Leak Proof Arch Roof

Leak Proof Arch Roof

Rooftech Infra Projects unveiled Fabricated Arch Roof – an innovative method of roofing.

• No bolts or nuts are used inside roof (screws are used only in supports) resulting leak proof.
• Possible to install span of up to 30 metres.
• Wide clear spans and larger enclosed volumes due to its curved shape.
• High structural strength proven to withstand natural calamities like high wind, hail etc.
• Sturdy and durable.
• Fastest roofing, easy to install and can be completed within days.
• Interiors can be finished according to customers’ requirements.
• Available in variety of colours.
• Aesthetic shape and can be designed in a variety of creative forms.
• No bird nuisance as there is no space between trusses or purlins and sheet.
• Onsite fabrication and installation.
• Customisation design options (option for more or less centre height).
• In-built heavy hangers for cable trays, ducts, false ceilings and lighting fixtures.
• Maintenance free and fast installation.
• Easy to remove and relocate.


Standing seam roofing system for weather tight roof

Safintra Roofing (India) Ltd offers Safzip, a self-supported conceal halter standing seam roofing system. Safzip offers a perfect system solution with limitless design potential, state-of-the-art production technology, ultimate product quality, innovative material combination and harmonious integration of shape, colours and surfaces.

Safzip is an advanced zip-up standing seam system that creates a continuous weather tight roof. The side laps are zipped up in conjunction with a unique halter system that is fixed directly to the supporting structure without penetrating the external weather sheet. This method of secret fixing creates a structurally sound roof construction that provides excellent resistance to wind uplift.

Safzip can be manufactured on-site which allows roofs to be constructed using very long sheet lengths. This eliminates the need for any end laps and considerably increases the speed of construction. The product is available in aluminium, galvanised, galvalume and can be smooth, crimped or concave curved; tapered or wave formed.

With potential changes to the building regulations or technical standards, Safzip standing seam systems easily comply with the stringent performance standards proposed over the next few years.

Safzip roof envelope solutions are:
Leak proof and penetration free
Leaking roofs are accountable for more roofing defects than all other issues put together. Secret fixing to avoid water penetration via the primary fasteners is a step in the right direction, but falls a long way short of providing a complete solution.

Secretly fixed
Safzip features a secretly fixed true standing seam side lap detail which provides a continuous weather tight roof and excellent protection in all weather conditions.


Copper and its alloys: Exciting options for external cladding

KME Germany GmbH & Co. KG (KME) is one of the largest manufacturers of copper and copper alloy. KME offers a broad spectrum of outstanding product solutions in copper and copper-alloys for roofing and cladding to serve the world’s market.

The decision to design building cladding with copper leaves plenty of opportunities for creativity. Durable TECU copper products from KME offer many unique possibilities. The striking natural surfaces in copper and copper alloys allow for singular design. Prefabricated system elements offer a wide range of solutions, from free-form designs to the simple and economic cladding of larger areas.

TECU products for external cladding of buildings are manufactured exclusively from copper and copper alloys. Another decisive benefit of the TECU premium brand is that all TECU Classic, TECU Oxid and TECU Patina products are entirely made from 100 per cent recycled material. This substantial material benefit is an important argument for modern architecture, especially for buildings requiring a LEED, BREEAM or DGNB certificate often asked for in the planning of public buildings.

All material properties of TECU products are exactly the same as with newly produced material and perform even better as requested by European standard EN 1172. Once in place, TECU products come to life and become even more beautiful over time.


Cool idea for your roof

The latest ceramic micro technology provides solar energy reflecting property enhancing cooling effect inside rooms. The microsphere in the coating reflects most of the solar energy back to the atmosphere and allows very little radiation energy to penetrate through roof.

STP Ltd has developed a single component, highly elastomeric, UV resistant, heavy duty, monolithic, water based waterproofing acrylic liquid membrane system. ShaliCryl LM HI has high mechanical strength, elastic and resilient acrylic polymers, selected fillers, light fast durable pigments, microfibers and additives which imparts excellent weather resistance.


Mortar Protection Admixture

Krystol Mortar Admixture (KMA) is a hydrophillic crystalline admixture in dry powdered form which is specifically formulated to provide long-term protection in rendering or plastering mortar, masonry mortar and concrete masonry units.

KMA can often be used in place of externally applied surface sealers to protect against water and waterborne contaminants and can be easily incorporated into the existing mix design and application processes.

KMA contains Kryton’s Krystol technology which reacts with cement particles to form millions of needle-like crystals, reducing both permeability and absorption of the mortar by filling the naturally occurring pores and voids in cementitious mortar.

Krystol technology helps to simplify installation and provide superior performance such as its ability to self-seal minor cracks and withstand water under pressure.

• Enhances durability resisting salt attacks, corrosion of embedded steel and water penetration.
• Minimises the chance of debonding.
• Preserves aesthetics by resisting stains and discoloration caused by efflorescence, mould and mildew and rust.
• Enhances workability for ease of use, improves adhesion, reduces rebound loss and reduces cracking.
• Has exceptional strength.
• Self-seals minor cracking.
• Withstands water under pressure such as wind-driven rain.


Ecotouch – the next-gen insulation

A Fortune 500 company for 62 consecutive years, Owens Corning develops manufactures and markets insulation, roofing, and glass fibre composites. The company, a major producer and an inventor of fibreglass insulation, has launched its next generation insulation product – Ecotouch. It suits metal building, HVAC, acoustics insulation applications. Ecotouch is soft to the touch, ensures less dust, and is easy to use, cut and split. It has premium facing (silver/white/black) with high strength and low permeability.

Ecotouch is bio-based and contains no formaldehyde or acrylic ester binder. The breakthrough insulation product is GreenGuard Gold certified.


LED Slim Panels with high lumen efficacy

Amity University in Noida was looking forward to a work place that would be imaginatively lit, optically stress free and which would provide a safe studying environment for students. Opple provided them with LED Slim Panels, which served as the best choices for classrooms. As they have bigger classrooms that require enough bright lights for the students studying in them.

These LED panels also known as Opple 2×2 (Slim Panel) are flat panel styled lights that consume comparatively less space and have a long lifespan. These are rectangle shaped lights that look like flat panels and are fitted on the ceilings. Such kinds of lights are the ones which the users can just install and forget. Opple LED Slim Panels come inbuilt with high lumen efficacy that provides an appropriate amount of brightness in the room. These are flicker-free lights that protect the sensitive human eyesight. They come in 2 power variants of 37W and 40W.


LED suspended luminaire

Panasonic LED suspended luminaire is a linear fixture incorporating an innovative aluminium extrusion structure design with two wings in Nanoflex powder coating technology to achieve the maximum output efficiency and makes soft and shadow free light output via secondary reflection and wider beam angle. It is also equipped with advanced thermal management technology to ensure consistency of LED life span, colour temperature and maximise output lumens.

The salient features of Panasonic LED suspended luminaire are that its housing made of high quality extruded aluminium alloy in durable corrosion resistance, anti-fading and anti-scratch electrostatic thermo-painting finish. It has imported German high transmittance PMMA diffuser that enables to create a high visual comfort and uniform lighting distribution. The product has imported high efficacy SMD LED light source of 120lm/W and CRI=80. Available CCT: 3000K/4000K/6000K.

The product has input voltage of 220-240VAC, 50/60Hz. It has international ratings LED driver with high power factor are installed as standard. Dimmable options availability: 1-10V, DALI, and tuneable white dimming control options.

Panasonic LED suspended luminaires have 50,000 hours life span, low luminous decay, low maintain cost as well.

Panasonic LED suspended luminaire can be installed in offices, educational institutes, hospitals, hospitality, retails, etc.


Downlight LEDs for directional lighting

LED or Light emitting diode is a semiconductor that converts electricity into light. The use of electricity for lighting purposes has been revolutionised with the inception of LED lamps. They stand out from other incandescent lights with their long life, durability and mercury free features. Not only LED lights are most cost effective but also help in maintaining low room temperature unlike other electrical devices. Their energy efficiency is unparalleled as they are up to 75 per cent more energy efficient than incandescent lights which we have used in the past.

LED lamps are of various types, one of them being the Downlight LED Lamps series offered by Eon Electric. The downlight LED Lamps by Eon Electric provide directional lighting. With its beam angle focussed along with the advantage of higher lumens per watt. These lamps help illuminate certain objects around it and establish a well-lit and comfortable environment.

Eon Downlight LED series include various products such as Veneto Downlight, Flat Fit Downlight, Crystaled Downlight etc. All of these offer high energy efficiency and high colour rendering index. They are also maintenance free and super environmental friendly. The colour temperature offered varies from product to product. For instance, Crystaled LED offers colour temperature 6000K, 4000K and 3000K; while Focalux LED offers 2700K, 4000K and 5000K. These Eon LED lights ensure long lifetime, ranging from 25,000 – 40,000 hours which is parallel to 6-9 year lifetime of 12 hours per day operational cycle. Energy efficient, these products help seamlessly blend sophistication in household or work place lighting.


Architectural light that saves upto 60% energy

The Arena Bulkhead from the MAGIK range of Century LED is empowered to deliver solid performance spreading a glow with soft diffused light. It is designed with the use of new generation of low power consuming and high illumination light source. This caters to architectural lighting.

Its robust design with polycarbonate base increases its life and efficiency. It is an ideal light source for bright, soft and uniform light. This appealing product saves 50-60 per cent more energy than conventional lights.

USPs of Arena Bulkhead
• Sleek and attractive design
• IP 65 (ideal for outdoor/.can withstand weather changes)
• Zero maintenance (no need to change lamps frequently)
• Saves energy
• Better illumination
• Long life (no rusting)
• CRI 80
• High power factor
• Available in warm light and cool light to suit your design ideas.


Create & control home lighting using smartphone

Philips Lighting launched its ‘Philips Hue White Ambiance’ connected LED home lighting system in India, expanding its Philips Hue range.

Philips Hue allows users to create and control home lighting using their smartphone or tablet and works seamlessly across both iOS and Android mobile platforms. It is also compatible with all major smart home hubs, including Apple Home Kit, Google Home and Amazon Echo.

The new Philips Hue White Ambiance range enables users to select the right light level and colour temperature of white for each of their daily tasks and routines, thereby helping to promote health and well-being. The system has preset light recipes to help users relax, read, concentrate and energise.

The new Philips Hue White Ambiance range includes starter kit with 2 bulbs, a bridge and a dimmer switch, and the Gen 2 Bridge, which can accommodate up to 50 light points, seven devices, and 12 accessories. The bulbs offer 50,000 shades and all temperatures of white light. The dimmer switch offers added convenience and can control up to 10 Philips Hue luminaires without a bridge.

The new range has two new collections namely:
Philips Aphelion LED downlight: It also has Philips Aphelion LED downlight which creates ambiance, from warm white to cool daylight, and is available in round and square shapes and is a perfect lighting solution for your ceilings.

Philips Muscari luminaire: It has modern slim diffusers connected via a premium finished metal
ring, building a warm glow. It is a complete family of luminaires including Pendant, Ceiling, Table and Floor lamps.


Create versatile ambiences with Verge LED

Inspired from the grid ceilings, Wipro Lighting has designed Verge LED – a product which is timeless, minimal and discreet. It follows the grid ceiling pattern, keeping the occupant away from any visual clutter. The ceiling material continues to remain the inner core of the product. The peripheral LED configuration contributes to the light on the verge of the luminaire.

The product blends well with the space elements, creating an exclusive volumetric lighting experience. With its purist form, Verge provides for versatile lighting solutions. Even though set up in diverse environments, each space will reflect its own story as Verge LED merges into each space differently.

Thermal management through aluminium housing, also acting as a reflector, makes for a high performing backlit product. Designed with future enhancements in mind, it comes with add on intelligent sensors, supplied on demand.

Verge LED makes maintenance simple. Especially, for gypsum ceiling mounted products, its driver can be accessed easily by sliding central tile which can also act as trap door to access nearby fixtures. The product can be recess mounted, suspended at different heights and is available in warm and cool colours.

A signature product for modern work spaces, winner of the internationally acclaimed RED DOT for best product design 2017 and certified with India Design Mark 2017, Verge LED can create versatile ambiences in different spaces continuing the design language.


Beautify cities with Polar Lighting Poles

K-Lite’s surface mounted Polar Lighting Pole, integrated with LED lighting module is an exclusive choice of designers for city beautification lighting blended with architectural appeal. It is designed for a complete range of contemporary designs with single arm, double arm, L-arm, V-Arm, square arm and parallel arm.

The pole is engineered to meet the adverse conditions and the pole sections are duly welded using special grooving techniques and high end MIG/ TIG welding process. The control box is integral and built-in with service door, locking arrangement and safety chain. The galvanised pole is coated with epoxy zinc phosphate primer and finished using environmentally stable polyurethane based paint. The pole is supplied with necessary foundation hardware for normal soil condition.

The Polar Lighting Pole’s lighting arms are integrated with the LED modular lighting system, which is environmental friendly under green lighting category. The LED lighting offers more lumens with lesser power consumption The luminaire is IP 68 protected and the various models were evaluated by an extensive research and understanding of illumination requirements for urban spaces. Choice of drivers for LED takes into consideration the harmonic distortion level (not exceeding 10 per cent) power factor greater than 0.9 and surge protection. The LED modules are individually rated 42 watts. The control gear tray is prewired with terminal connectors, MCB and loop-in loop-out arrangement and located in the control box, integral with the pole.


Build faster with SkyBuild

Otis Elevator has created the SkyBuild internal construction elevator – to speed construction and save you money. The SkyBuild elevator gets crews and materials where they need to be quickly and safely, without a crane, without an external lift and without exposure to the weather. Otis’s unique technology enables the SkyBuild elevator to climb one floor at a time as your building rises.

Each jump can be accomplished between shifts, reducing the impact on other trades. And once construction is complete, your SkyBuild elevator goes directly into service as a SkyRise elevator.

Substantial benefits at every stage of construction

• Jumps in one-floor increments to keep pace with construction
• Uses Otis’s exclusive hydraulic-piston system, eliminating the need for a crane
• Jumps during off-hours so other trades can keep working
• Enables crews to close off the building façade as each floor is added
• Quickly converts into a SkyRise elevator upon the building’s completion.


UltraRope – ultra light, ultra durable, ultra efficient

KONE’s new rope technology eliminates the disadvantages of existing steel ropes – high energy consumption, rope stretch, large moving masses, and downtime caused by building sway.

Ultimate performance
The new KONE UltraRope technology sets a new benchmark for elevator performance. In an elevator travelling 500 metres, the lightweight carbon fibre core cuts elevator moving masses by up to 60 per cent compared to steel ropes. When elevator travel heights increase, even larger reductions can be achieved. In the future, KONE UltraRope can enable travel heights up to 1,000 metres.

Higher eco-efficiency
KONE’s lightweight hoisting system, powered by the eco-efficient KONE EcoDisc, enables huge energy efficiency gains. With the significant reduction in elevator moving masses, lower acceleration currents, and a reduced need for machine-room cooling, KONE high-rise elevator solutions are more efficient than conventional technologies. “KONE UltraRope cuts energy consumption by 15 per cent for a 500-metre elevator. When elevators travel higher in the future, an energy savings as much as 45 per cent can be achieved for an 800-metre elevator,” the company claims.

Unprecedented reliability and durability
The carbon fibre core of KONE UltraRope has an exceptionally long lifetime – twice as long as the lifetime of conventional steel ropes. And, unlike steel, the solid structure does not densify and stretch, while the special coating means no lubrication is required. All of this adds up to a significant reduction in elevator downtime.


Revolutionary rope-free elevator system

MULTI is Thyssenkrupp’s latest offering representing a landmark revolution in the elevator industry and a new and efficient transport solution for mid- and high-rise buildings. MULTI design can incorporate various self-propelled elevator cabins per shaft running in a loop, thereby increasing the shaft transport capacity by up to 50 per cent and making it possible to reduce the elevator footprint in buildings by as much as 50 per cent.

With the advent of MULTI, building design will no longer be limited by the height or vertical alignment of elevator shafts, thus opening the possibilities to architects and building developers, they have never imagined possible. Several cabins in the same shaft moving vertically and horizontally will permit buildings to adopt different heights, shapes, and purposes. MULTI is currently being installed to initiate testing stage at Thyssenkrupp’s purpose-built Test Tower. First working installation expected in 2017.

MULTI requires no cables, and uses a multi-level brake system and inductive power transfers between shaft and cabin. This allows the elevator to occupy smaller shafts than conventional elevators, which can increase a building’s usable area by up to 25 per cent. The overall increase in efficiency also translates into a lower requirement for escalators and additional elevator shafts, resulting in significant construction cost savings as well as a multiplication of rent revenues from increased usable space.

Although the ideal building height for MULTI installations starts at 300 metres, this system is not constrained by a building’s height.


An elevator ‘Made for India’

Toshiba Johnson Elevators India Pvt Ltd (TJEI) recently launched its brand new elevator series ELCOSMO-TJ, especially ‘Made for India’.

ELCOMSO-TJ is a customised and designed product especially made for mid-to-low-rise office building, residential building, and retail segment. It is not only competitive in cost, but also has a shorter delivery turnaround, the manufacturer claims.

ELCOSMO-TJ offers leading edge technologies in energy consumption such as top class high efficient PMSM motors, high quality drive systems, and LED lightings to enhance energy efficiency.

Furthermore, by employing some of the components manufactured in India, supplied by Johnson Lifts, the delivery time of ELCOSMO-TJ can be reduced from an earlier 6 months to only 3 months. Using
some of the standardised components from Johnson Lift, ELCOSMO-TJ will also be more cost competitive by benefiting from economies of scale.


UV coated panels

Ultra Violet (UV) coating is an acrylic adhesive based decorative lacquer which is cured by UV rays in a series of closed chambers. UV coating is a very polished, lustrous coating applied to a panel surface which could be melamine impregnated prelam, natural/recon veneered or even metal foiled. The process of UV drying makes the end product emission free. The UV lacquering is a fully automated, synchronised PLC controlled process.

Action TESA UV Coated Panels are ideal for application in kitchens shutter, sliding wardrobe, wall panelling and embellishments, ceiling, LCD display unit, wall cladding, bathroom/washbasin cabin shutters, product display unit, office storage unit, various furniture and fixtures.

Advantages of TESA UV Coated Panels:
• Ready to use and no further finishing is required on surface. Hence it completely eliminates the extensive labour work and thus productivity of plant gets enhanced drastically.
• Tested in-house and in certified laboratories to qualify all the tests of gloss, scratch, UV cure etc.
• Transparent UV lacquer renders up to 98 per cent long-lasting glossy finish.
• Extra hardened UV coated surface makes it highly resistant to scratch and abrasion.
• UV coating on exterior grade MDF makes it highly resistant to moisture and fungal attack.
• Fixing of UV panels panelling application can be done with normal hardware like used for pre-laminated boards.
• Ideal for laser engraving and CNC routing.
• Environment friendly.


PANDOMO: Modern system for floor design

No matter whether it’s the floor, wall or ceiling, what counts is your idea. PANDOMO by ARDEX offers designs ranging from classical, contemporary, urban and vibrant, or a style truly individualised to match inspiration and requirement. Designs can be created which ooze openness, harmony and modernity, whether in a heavily used public area, or the confines of a private space.

PANDOMO is the modern system for floor design. The principle is as simple as it is striking: the cement-based basic material alone produces smooth, clear-cut floors with a modern, reductionist look. This basic material can be tinted using PANDOMO dyes, textures can be created and different coloured areas can be put down next to each other without any joint between them.

For example, PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic defines an entire new generation of individually designed and polished floors. The material creates individually designed and polished decorative seamless floors with the appeal of traditional terrazzo, thanks to the addition of local or selected aggregates. The unique result is a floor with a totally natural mineral look which is homogeneous at a distance, and as the viewer gets closer the intricate and individual stones and grains reveal themselves and display the full natural characteristics. It offers the perfect solution for designers looking for the timeless beauty of a traditional terrazzo floor, with the individual touch of the local element, hence the name: BASIC.


Cutting-edge coating for car park decks

Apurva India Ltd introduced Polydeck – a cutting-edge coating that provides long lasting, attractive, easy to clean, seamless and impermeable surface for car park decks.

Apurva’s Polydeck is a polyurethane car park coating system. It consists of a polyurethane based coat followed by solvent-free polyurethane coating. This high-performance coating is specially designed to provide clean, corrosion resistant, bacteria resistant, hardwearing, chemical and abrasion resistant floor finish. It is the ideal solution for basement car parking, intermediate decks and exposed car decks.

Polydeck focuses on three core areas of a car park that is, structural protection in which it provides superior and effective waterproofing and surface protection by which such damage to the car park can be prevented.

Secondly, improved aesthetics in which it utilises the best coating system to provide visual enhancement and improved light reflection. It comes in a wide range of attractive colours that can be customised as per requirements.

Lastly safety, with this it gives an eye-catching and light-reflective finish to otherwise gloomy car parks. It can be used to provide well-defined layouts with clear line and direction markings, thus ensuring smooth and organised vehicular traffic. Moreover, its anti-skid properties further help in ensuring the safety of all concerned.


Anti-microbial counter top in Quartz

H&R Johnson (India) announces the launch of a breakthrough product from Johnson Marble & Quartz, Johnson Top Shield – an anti-microbial counter top in quartz. Johnson Top Shield is a pre-fabricated, ready-to-install and germ-free quartz kitchen countertop that will change cooking spaces forever.

The Johnson Top Shield is manufactured with a special anti-microbial formula which is also certified as food-grade. Developed through the fusion of pure natural quartz and with Johnson’s technical expertise, Top Shield offers the beauty of natural granite without the maintenance associated with it. Top Shield has a whole host of other advantages over granite as well. It is as strong as the natural stone, but requires no resealing, and is highly resistant to scratches and stains. It is a pre-fabricated drip-free kitchen countertop which hugely reduces the hassles of installation and labour cost hence making it highly recommended for modular kitchens.

With so many benefits over granite, The Johnson Top Shield offers consumers a revolutionary, hassle-free and extremely hygienic option for kitchen countertops. It definitely brings a gorgeous depth to your interiors and is a perfect fit for your dream kitchen.


Tiles look like natural marble

The Classic Ligne series from Classic Marble Company (CMC) is 0a unique combination of strength like in granite and looks that resemble the much coveted veined patterned natural marble. The new products will provide architects with alternatives in material that previously did not exist.

The collection has 12 products named Statuario, Bianco Venatino, Calacatta Oro, Bianco Superiore, Carrara Classico Superiore, Bianco Carrara, Carrara, Luce Bianco, Grigio Superiore, Luce Classico, Black Marquina and Black Portoro.

Statuario, Bianco Venatino and Calacatta Oro exhibit prominent grey veins against a white background while Bianco Superiore, Carrara Classico Superiore, Bianco Carrara and Carrara have grey whirls on the surface. Black Marquina with its bold pearl-white veins and Black Portoro with its fragile, shimmering brass veins against their jet black backgrounds offer a dramatic visual. Besides these, Grigio Superiore in grey with decorative black spots and white swirls and Luce Classico’s glossy brown background with dark brown veins are two other unique offerings in the Classic Ligne series.

As countertop applications these can be installed in kitchen or dining areas in residential as well as in commercial premises and are suitable as work top installations too.

The products are available in standard dimensions of 335 cm x 165 cm and varying thickness of 15, 20 and 30 mm. The newly launched range is a perfect blend of beauty and utility and is ideal for every application be it residential or commercial.


Experience ‘Simple Living for Your Space’

NITCO has launched The Argilla Collection, an exceptional range of Ceramic tiles designed for a simple living. Inspired from natural clay, the collection offers hand painted designs for your space, your special corner, soothing your senses for a simplified living. This avant-garde collection comprises of five very distinct and innovative tiles inspired from various elements of nature.

The Argilla Fusion Décor Argilla Latte is just like your favorite latte or coffee drink adding a touch of comfort and energy to any space. The Argilla Latte is all about freshness without making things too loud whereas The Argilla Chestnut + Fusion Decore is a subtle reddish shade of brown with a rustic appeal. Since, neutral is color of the new millennium, it compliments just about any neutral shade that’s out in there. The Argilla Silver + Fusion Decore is neither too light nor too dark, just about enough to enlighten any space. The Argilla Silver delivers an understated elegance that brings out the best in any space.

Similarly, the Argilla Gris + Fusion Decore is a truly neutral color that’s neither too hot nor too cold. It brings forth a sophisticated charm while offering the flexibility to blend with any design theme. Lastly, the Argilla Fusion Décor offers handcrafted hand printed décor, which complements all the 4 base colors with mixed pattern laying apart from any space and uplifts any décor space as a timeless masterpiece.

A result of the constant feeling of NITCO where ‘enough is never enough’, the Argilla Collection is available in 300x300mm for ` 64 per sq.ft. onwards across India.


Beat the heat with ‘cool roof’

Roof overheating is a common plight across the Indian subcontinent, flat roofs are often exposed to the sun and transfer heat into the house. On such dire circumstances a cool roof is one that has been designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof. These roofs can be made of a highly reflective type of paint, a sheet covering, or highly reflective tiles or shingles.

Solar Heat Reflecting Tiles technology aids the tile placed on the roof reflect most of the solar heat. This innovative technology is achieved by minerals such zirconium and have been considered to do wonders; there are an array of benefits of these tiles; one of them primarily aiding in the reduction of temperature by 10 to 20 degrees centigrade which in turn facilitates indoor comfort and lower the power demand.
Ashish Mehta, President Sales and Marketing at Orient Bell, said, “Solar heat reflecting tiles or more commonly known as Cool Tiles by Orient Bell are a hot selling favourite during the scorching summer months. Instead of absorbing heat, these tiles strongly reflect the sunlight and bring down the room temperature by 5-70 C. In sync with the Indian Green Building Council’s recommendation that the ceramic tiles covering buildings should have a minimum Solar Reflective Index value of 78 to keep indoors cool, our Cool Tiles boast an impressive SRI value of 103. At Orient Bell, we have an eclectic array of Cool Tiles for selection to suit the varied preferences of the modern day consumer.”


Abrasion resistant & scratch resistant tiles

Somany brings to the Indian market its patented revolutionary VC Shield Hard Coat technology which solves the key issue of glaze abrasion. It shields the tile against – wear and tear, stains and scratches, keeping it fresh and new as ever. Balancing true functionality with brilliant aesthetics, VC tiles, despite being the most durable tiles are available in plethora of finishes which collectively not only gives the floor a lifelong durability but also the absolute perfection in terms of beauty. With a host of innovative features these tiles are priced very reasonably as the prime objective of Somany is to take this revolutionary technology to the masses. This technology has outperformed PEI Grade V tiles, which itself is a worldwide benchmark for high abrasion according to ASTM C448- 88 (2011). VC tiles are ideal for use in high traffic areas such as shopping malls, airports, hospitals, offices among others.

The VC Shield technology solves the one key issue of tiled surfaces by making it highly abrasion resistant and it shields the tile against weathering – wear and tear, stains and scratches, keeping the tile fresh and new as ever.

This revolutionary patented technology renders a specially treated coating that protects each tile against abrasion, scratches and stain ensuring timeless elegance. The impervious VC which is a ‘high abrasion resistant glaze formulation’ makes the tile abrasion resistant, stain free. It protects the colour, design and finish of the tile by detaining it between two unique glaze layers. The VC can take up to 50,000 revolutions which make it practically abrasion proof and the most durable tile to exist in the Indian market.


‘Sensational’ floors

Pergo India Pvt Ltd, a major high quality laminated flooring brand, reinvents the laminate floor with the Pergo Sensation.

Pergo Sensation takes laminate flooring to a whole new level – even when it comes to water resistance. The new range in Pergo Laminate called ‘Sensation’ which is water repellent flooring is not only designed to look great, they are also innovative when it comes to performance. With the brand new AquaSafe technology your new laminate floor is now protected against water. The surface protection of Pergo’s new Sensation floors extends all the way into the bevels to create a fully closed surface. This laminate floor comes with silk matt finish and true-to-nature cracks and knots, due to Genuine rustic – a surface texture that accentuates details such as cracks, knots and scraped effects.

Pergo Sensation has water repellent coating on the plank edges ensures that water cannot penetrate the floor. Being water-resistant, a Sensation floor is also hygienic. Dirt just like water simply stays on the surface and can be wiped away easily.

Pergo Sensation is the perfect combination of beautiful design and performance to revamp a place with the finest flooring with easy maintenance and care. This collection is available with Pergo’s trademark technology PerfectFold 3.O for fast and easy installation. It comes in 1380x190x8mm format.


Solar control Suncool glass

The Pilkington Suncool range comprises its highest performing off-line coated, solar control and low-emissivity glass products. Coating technology has revolutionised the design of modern buildings enabling extensive use of glazing which combines functionality with stunning aesthetics.

With the growing use of glass in architecture, Pilkington Suncool can help to reduce capital outlay and running costs of air-conditioning, as well as reducing the carbon emissions of a building the whole year round.
Benefits of Pilkington’s Suncool
• Range of solar control and light transmittance options available.
• Solar radiation transmittance (g-value) ranging from 0.42 down to 0.17.
• External light reflections ranging from a low 10 to 42 per cent.
• Light transmittance performance ranging from 70 to 28 per cent giving excellent light/heat ratios.
• Ideal for large areas of glazing to control solar gain whilst providing high light levels.
• Cost effective solution for reducing energy consumption.
• Pilkington Suncool can be supplied in toughened, toughen able and laminated forms.
• Pilkington Spandrel glass is available for blending with opaque panel requirements.


Glazing control at your fingertips

The buildings of tomorrow will look, feel and perform differently from the buildings of today. This will be largely made possible by the advent of futuristic building materials. One such breakthrough product is SageGlass (electronically operable) energy efficient glass from Saint-Gobain.

SageGlass – a dynamic glazing solution that lets control the appearance and performance of façade as per preference. Dynamic, electronically tint able SageGlass enables building owners and users to actively control daylight and solar heat, improving occupant comfort and significantly reducing energy consumption and costs. As a result, it allows architects to design sustainable, visually compelling buildings with exceptional energy efficiency and at will.

In short SageGlass gives the ability to let in as much or as little visible light and heat as required, while minimising glare. Windows, facades and skylights with SageGlass glazing are highly programmable and can be set up to operate individually or in zones, by single users or for multi-occupant spaces to meet group needs.

SageGlass can be operated manually or integrated into a building’s energy management system, further optimising the building’s efficiency.
Only SageGlass provides you with the ability to create up to three tint zones within a single pane of electrochromic glass.

The solutions from SageGlass are very energy efficient to operate. In fact, it takes less electricity to power and control 1,500 sq. ft. of SageGlass glazing than it does to power a 60W incandescent light bulb.


Fire-resistant glass for buildings

Fire might be a symbol of man’s development in the world, but when it is out of control it could cause enormous damage to the surroundings. Especially when it comes to fire hazards in buildings, the occurrence of fire can be unpredictable and disastrous. It could spread wildly and cause significant threat to life and property. Therefore it is critical that fire-safety materials and fire-resistant products measure up to the highest possible standards of performance.

In today’s building design and construction, glass has become an integral part of architecture and interior design. The right type of glass product used under proper norms and guidelines, can help reduce the destructive effects of fire significantly and save lives.

This is where AIS Pyrobel comes in picture. Asahi India Glass Ltd offers AIS Pyrobel which is a high-end fire-resistant glass range, specially engineered to withstand extreme levels of heat, restrict heat transfer, and prevent the smoke and flames from spreading.

It can easily replace a traditional brick wall in terms of fire-rating property. This helps enhance the aesthetics of the room, and at the same time provides a clear vision of the other side. In case of a fire outbreak, AIS Pyrobel can play a pivotal role in containing damage to life and property caused by fire, and gives enough time for the occupants to implement a safe evacuation plan. It is designed to meet the fire protection ratings specified by national building regulations.

AIS Pyrobel finds applications for partitions, fully glazed fire doors, floors, data storage and server room enclosures, lift doors and enclosures, staircase enclosures, and facades.


Gold Accents for an Elegant Bathroom Experience

The hansgrohe brand expands its comprehensive range of mixers for high-end private and hotel bathrooms with its new Metropol Classic line. In collaboration with Phoenix Design, the Black Forest-based bathroom and kitchen specialist presents the Metropol Classic mixers. One of the outstanding features of this new collection is its surface design: the Metropol Classic collection boasts elegant, gold accents on the base, the handles and the spouts of the mixers. They are also available on special order in an attractive pure chrome finish.

This extensive line of mixers for washbasins, bathtubs and bidets, combined with new shower products adapted to match the look of the Metropol Classic collection, offers flexibility in the design of complete solutions for hotel and private bathrooms. Users can choose, depending on their preferences, between three different versions of Metropol Classic three-hole mixers: one with a softly curved lever handle, one with a minimalist zero handle and a model with ergonomically rounded cross handles. For modern interiors with freestanding bathtubs, there is an elegant, freestanding mixer with a matching chrome and gold baton hand shower.


Bacteria-free Rimless WC

HSIL Limited has recently launched the hindware Rimless WC to ensure efficiency in cleaning and maintenance, not only guaranteeing that hygiene standards are maintained, but also saving time in high-traffic environments. Ushering in a new era in flush technology, the rimless WC as the name suggests, have no rim.

In practice, having no rim means there’s simply nowhere for germs to hide and bacteria to build up, providing you and your family a 100 per cent clean and bacteria free environment. It is also the only WC brand in India which is recommended by the Indian Medical Academy of Preventive Health (IAMPH). In contrast to any conventional toilet, a rimless WC has multiple flushing points along the rim of the pan allowing the entire surface area of the pan to be cleaned easily.

These WCs also conserve water due to their exceptional flushing performance. This enables one to save water with every flush, as the water gushing out is more powerful and more direct, thereby ensuring superior environment-friendly performance.

Bold and beautiful, the Hindware rimless WCs offer clean simple lines and contemporary styling suitable for any bathroom. These WC’s are a worthwhile, lasting investment that combines a timeless aesthetic to ensure its relevance for years to come.

This rimless WC is targeted at hospitals, hotels and offices and residential complexes


Reliable health faucet and angle valve

Commercial plumbing solutions Sloan Health Faucet and Angle Valve are versatile, flexible, and bring outstanding performance, durability and reliability for any project. These products, recently introduced in Indian market, are especially designed for installation in high-traffic washrooms and toilets in places such as malls, airports, railway stations and offices.

Sloan’s Health Faucet and Angle Valve are made of high-quality zinc material that can withstand a variety of usage conditions and resist leakages, which is especially important for a water-deficient country like India. The health faucet is easy to install and use and comes with a flexible 1.2-metre, chrome-plated hose.

Key features of Sloan Health Faucets are:
• Vertical or horizontal high-pressure spray
• Operating pressure range: 1-7 bars
• Can be used for personal hygiene
• Can be used as additional water source to clean around the toilet.

Key features of Sloan Angle Valves are:
• Chrome plated brass construction that is built to last
• Features a sliding escutcheon for high traffic protection
• Supports high water pressure
• Flow can be easily adjusted with the regulating cap.

The Sloan Health Faucet and the Angle Valve can be purchased separately or together as a combo.


Free-flowing yet exceptionally simple in function

Artize, a luxury bath brand from the Jaquar Group, introduced Tiara range of faucet. Tiara is designed by Michael Foley, founder of Bengaluru based Foley Designs Pvt Ltd. The concept brings a sense of mystique to the idea of a faucet. The concentric rings originate from the play of echoing ripples of water and give the faucet a unique sense of mystique. The inner ring swings to give access to running water and seamlessly ends when swung back without a drop spilt. The faucet is crafted with a sense of precision yet with the sensibilities of jewellery. It is designed to create a sense of dynamism when in use, unlike a conventional faucet that largely remains static. The overall feel is fluid, free-flowing yet exceptionally simple in function. This interaction and play makes the faucet unique in its technological complexity balanced with its purity in sculptural ethos.


Creative solutions for compact areas

Increasingly limited living space demands greater practicality. And this requires smart solutions. With the innovative ‘Shower + Bath’ combination, Duravit has succeeded in uniting the strict requirements regarding contemporary bathroom design and optimum use of space: the design by EOOS features a walk-in shower and bathtub in one. The functional versatility of Shower + Bath is a result of the high level of precision in the finishing and the use of the innovative material DuraSolid A.

Individual and cut-to-size washing areas with surrounds and storage space are both functional and convenient. The new ‘console system’ comprises uniform furniture consoles in two different thicknesses (30 and 45 mm) and with a variable width and depth. They can be combined with vanity units and furniture from a total of seven Duravit ranges: L-Cube, Vero, Happy D.2, Delos, DuraStyle, Ketho and X-Large.


Solid Polymer Panels

Century Ply has now diversified into a breakthrough architectural solution under the brand name of “Starke”.

Starke stands for strength in German, and true to its name, Starke Solid Polymer Panels are as strong and durable as the material they are replacing, while bringing a host of new benefits along with a 10 years warranty.

Starke is made of PVC and calcium carbonates along with other performance enhancing additives, and is available in different thicknesses and cut to any size. Starke Solid Polymer Panels has 2 variants: Starke Prime; and Starke Select.

Starke is chemically foamed, rigid with fine and homogenous closed cell structure having a smooth matt surface finish on both sides and graded density. It is widely used for making home furniture, wet area application, partitions and other construction applications.

Key attributes of Starke PVC Sheet:

• 100 per cent borer and termite proof
• 100 per cent water proof
• Green product: 100 per cent recyclable
• Graded density
• No fungus attack
• Toxic and formaldehyde free
• High resistance to fire
• Amazing design capabilities
• Great replacement for wood based products
• Easy maintenance

Applications of Starke include furniture, modular carcasses, interior ceiling, partitions, wall cladding, and bathroom vanities.


Net@work: A reconfigurable nesting idea

Workplace designs, in the recent times, have been restored with an amalgamation of modular and contemporary design. A space created to inspire creativity and boost productivity, offices should be brought to life with functionality and strategic designs. Sitting tethered to a desk is a passé option that needs to revamp. Employees today, prefer flexible workspaces that offer privacy as well as collaboration when required. Keeping in mind the present-day design requirements that will not only cater to the working staff but also their nature of the work; Vector Projects has introduced ‘Net@work – a reconfigurable nesting idea.’

Reconfigurable furniture is the brainchild of innovative workplace. Adaptability being the key focus, Net@work breaks the barrier of typical office layout and utilises space efficiencies. It structures workplace for individuals and groups, with an extendable system, that can be converted with minimal effort. Crafted with a noise absorbing panel material, it offers acoustic sound-proofing characteristics. Specifically designed to cater to every professionals need, this tailor-made system has wide angles and endless configurations. It consists of inbuilt sockets for power connection and floor attached wire riser for electrification.

Net@work can be seamlessly constructed into four variations: Working area, study area, breakout place, and meeting area. Net@work is available in India only through Vector Projects (I) Pvt Ltd.


Wet Area Systems for hospitality industry

Nowadays, hotels are using a variety of surface-oriented technologies, especially when it comes to wet area surfaces. Such technology paves the way for significant high quality, cost efficient and eco-friendly hospitality spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and spas.

Saint-Gobain India Pvt Ltd – Gyproc Business has been a pioneer in this by a wide and comprehensive range of drywall solutions and materials, which can offer superior levels of performance in comparison to traditional brick or block construction.

Apart from performance, plasterboards used in drywalls are of a larger size as compared to bricks or blocks and can provide a uniform surface finish over a larger area. The evenly leveled surface eliminates the need of plastering having to cover up for undulations in walls and offer a fine finish and aesthetic appeal to the room. Drywalls are a robust solution to traditional construction and can sustain larger number of light fixtures, mirrors as well as wall mounted televisions. Drywalls can also be raised in wet areas along with loading of fixtures, wash basins, bath tubs and bowls.

Gyproc provides wet area solutions in the form of drywalls for various requirements with respect to moisture levels, acoustics and fire requirements and various finishes possible including marble or granite claddings.


Ready to install Anti-slip Stairs

H&R Johnson (India) quartz has launched Johnson Quickstairs, ready to install anti-slip stair treads and risers in engineered marble which are also pre-fabricated and pre-polished and extremely maintenance friendly.

The standard dimension and thickness of Johnson
Quickstairs are:

• Dimensions: Treads – 4ft x 1ft; Risers – 4ft x 0.5ft
• Thickness: Treads – 18mm; Risers – 16mm

Johnson Quickstairs can also be customised as per the requirements and it is possible to match the floor/wall texture in order to maintain uniformity in finished space. Cutting losses are reduced by almost 20 per cent – 25 per cent as compared to natural
marble which are usually cut on site. Furthermore, the colour and supply consistency of the stairs is also assured.

Being a finished product, it reduces laying time which in turn helps in quick project completion and saves substantial labour cost. Not only is it economical as compared to natural marble but at the same time it provides better stain and abrasion resistance.


Brody WorkLounge – Isolation in a crowd

Maintaining focus is a costly problem in today’s fast paced and connected world but the Brody WorkLounge from Steelcase creates a comfortable microenvironment by thoughtfully integrating power, ergonomic comfort, personal storage and lighting.

The high performance and supportive WorkLounge features patented Live Lumbar technology, bringing thoughtful ergonomic design to the lounge posture. The adjustable work surface holds technology at eye level, reducing neck and shoulder strain. A smart alternative to enclaves,
the Brody WorkLounge transforms under-utilized in-between spaces into covetable destinations.

The Brody WorkLounge is designed to be good for your body and good for your brain. Today’s offices and universities are often open and exposed, providing little to no control over visual distractions. Most lounge chairs are designed for waiting, not working.

The ergonomics are a state-of-the-art. Brody is cradled in an alert recline, allowing your lower and upper back to be supported. The arm support built into the work surface reduces pressure of the shoulders and the soft edge seat allows for a range of users to sit comfortably in any position. Brody helps you to focus your attention, get into flow and get work done.


Solar façade

The EU-supported “SmartFlex Solar facades” project has successfully completed the test operation of its reference solar façade. A glass façade featuring a wide range of semi-transparent solar modules that had been custom-designed but industrially manufactured was installed as a “second skin” on the office building of the Lithuanian glass processor Glassbel. The exceptional size and weight of the modules proved particularly challenging during the manufacturing process. The project has demonstrated how custom-designed solar façades represent not only an aesthetically appealing solution, but also a financially viable means of achieving climate targets in buildings.

The 75 glass-glass modules produce around 12.5 MW hours of electricity every year. The photovoltaic system, which has an output of more than 15 kilowatt peak (kWpeak), was installed on a surface area of 600 sq.m. on the south and west façades of the Glassbel office building in Klaipeda, Lithuania, in November of last year. The solar façade provided the architects with an abundance of design possibilities. 15 different types of glass-glass modules were used on the reference building.

According to the calculations of the project partners, the acquisition costs of a “second skin” solar façade – at around €550 per sq.m. – are approximately the same as for a façade made of stone or metal, but are significantly lower than those of a glass-window façade, which can cost up to €840 per sq.m.


AMBIAL, a multi-space folding door

Within the international community of architects and fabricators, Technal has gradually established itself as the point of reference for aluminium joinery. Technal design goes beyond mere aesthetics. It is a compendium of functionality, respect for the environment, ergonomics, energy saving, integration with the surroundings and uniqueness.

AMBIAL, the multi-space folding door, is one of the latest breakthrough products. The product has 75 mm module for the opening and fixed frame. It is available in large sizes up to 12 metre long in 10 leaves with 3 metre height. It is infill from 14 to 52 mm, per panel can carry 150 kgs.

AMBIAL has sleek design and has straight uniform black lines in the open position due to the black gasket and hardware. It has black hinges concealed in the vertical line of the gasket in the closed position. In addition, the product has exclusive Technal handle solution with an integrated or removable key, no visible fixings in the closed position. AMBIAL gives advanced thermal performance and has 3-point locking system with insulated key lock.


Smart window

Lingel‘s Smart Li is a breakthrough when it comes to windows and doors technology. Smart window is Lingel’s latest innovation as it makes life comfortable with its unique features. It has the following special features:
• Smartphone: Application as control panel.
• Window inbuilt security system: Controlled by WiFi Sensor, there are no wires required and it works on finger sensor. It can control the opening and closing of doors.
• Window inbuilt air purifier: One may not be well aware of the toxic air around. This in-built air purifier completes the requirement and lets you know when the filters need to be changed and how much pollution is present in room.
• Window inbuilt smoke detector: When there is fire one may not be aware but the detector detects it and sends information on the phone.
• Window inbuilt rain sensor: This is a useful add on which provides information to the maintenance and housekeeping regarding the weather especially if it is raining outside. The detector creates an alarm and a message is immediately sent to the phone.

With the advanced technology the Smart Li makes peoples like safe and convenient, says Mario Schmidt, Managing Director, Lingel Windows & Doors Technologies Pvt Ltd.


A solution for collaborative BIM

Revit is a software for BIM (Building Information Modelling). Its powerful tools let you use the intelligent model-based process to plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure.

Revit supports a multi-discipline design process for collaborative design. With Revit worksharing, multiple team members can work on a project at the same time using a centrally shared model.

One multi-discipline BIM platform
Revit has features for all disciplines involved in a building project. When architects, engineers and construction professionals work on one unified platform, the risk of data translation errors can be reduced and the design process can be more predictable.

Revit helps you to work with members of an extended project team. It imports, exports, and links your data with commonly used formats, including IFC, DWG and DGN.
3D Design solutions from Autodesk are being used by governments and urban planners worldwide in the construction, design and maintenance of urban infrastructure and urban spaces. For example, the City of Vancouver, built a simulated version of their entire city using Autodesk technology by combining terrain files, building footprints, satellite photos and GIS data for parcels and streets into a 3D modelling program. With this, they can demonstrate how shifts in population affect density and how viewsheds would change due to new infrastructure projects. Autodesk has also worked with cities like San Francisco and Bamberg, in southern Germany, to build 3D visualisations over which government can overlay data sets to see how a city is performing at any time.

In India, large projects of the size of IT parks have started adopting BIM. Some of the recent projects like Mumbai Monorails, Navi Mumbai Airport Terminal and Khed City developed by Kalyani Group have leveraged BIM for their projects.


Make everything easier with SketchUp

No one wants to waste time learning complicated computer programs. A Trimble product, SketchUp is hands-down the most intuitive, not to mention powerful, easy-to-learn 3D drawing tool on the planet. If you want to be productive within a couple of hours, you’ve come to the right place.

Get good, fast
No one wants to waste time learning complicated software. SketchUp Pro is hands-down the most intuitive and easy-to-learn 3D drawing tool on the planet.

Think by drawing in 3D
SketchUp behaves like an extension of your hand. The idea is to get out of your way so that you can draw whatever you want, however you want.

Iterate quickly through design idea We love how architects use layers and layers of tracing paper to develop and improve their ideas. Similarly, SketchUp was born to be simple to let you iterate.

Produce scaled, accurate 2D drawings
SketchUp isn’t just for 3D models. Draw plans, elevations, details, title blocks and other graphics with LayOut. When your model changes, so does your document. Simple.

Generate presentation documents
SketchUp Pro includes LayOut, an incredibly powerful tool with features for page layout, drafting, vector illustration and slide presentations.

Create compelling visualizations and walkthroughs
Use SketchUp Pro to turn your models into animated walkthroughs and flyovers that explain every detail of your design.


Painting is no longer a fetid affair

The new Nippon Paint Odour-less AirCare is an anti-formaldehyde interior emulsion that helps to create safer and more hygienic indoor environment. This breakthrough product contains anti-formaldehyde with active carbon technology that continually absorbs harmful formaldehyde from the air and converts it into water vapour, resulting in fresh clean air. Besides having ultra-low VOCs and odourless ability, this environment friendly paint has superior washability and anti-bacterial properties that does not contain lead and mercury. It is ideal for people who are allergic to formaldehyde and paint odour. Hence it is recommended to be used in eco-sensitive commercial and residential areas such as hospitals, schools, hotels and homes.

It has near to zero VOC, a major source of indoor air pollution found in most of the conventional interior paints. The new Aircare range emits almost no paint odour during and after painting.


AC for maximum personal comfort

Hitachi’s Ductable ACs ‘Toushi’ are especially designed and engineered to provide intelligent features and reliable energy efficient systems that can cater to the air-conditioning needs of small corporate offices, banquet halls, small hospitals etc.

The word Toushi means ‘Fighter’ in Japanese and it has been ingeniously engineered for maximum personal comfort. Toushi range of Ductable Air Conditioners comes in two variants – Ductable or High Static Split AC and Concealed or Low Static Split AC. These two offer smart solution to Architects and Consultants with features like easy installation, factory charged and tested refrigerant, convenient and silent operations, highly efficient tropical design, safety feature, easy serviceability etc.


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