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Adding value to interiors

Adding value to interiors

Leminex is a resilient, flexible product that has unlimited potential in surface décor

Leminex laminates offers some of finest high pressure and compact laminates. And is a pioneer of luxury laminates in the world especially Europe and Asia. It was started in 1978 and was founded on the idea that a laminate is much more than an invisible background. It is a resilient, flexible product that has unlimited potential in surface décor. It features rich, luxurious designs that add aesthetic value to interiors.

Leminex Exterior Cladding:
Leminex High Pressure laminate (HPL) panels have a decorative surface that is suitable for exteriors. The special quality resins provide extremely effective weather protection to external facades.

The various properties of Leminex is that it is resistant to weathering as per EN ISO 438‐2 and EN ISO 4892‐2 and also it is mechanically sturdy having high Flexural tensile strength as‐per EN ISO 178.

Special Properties
Ageing performance and Weather Resistance
Leminex Exterior Cladding panels can be exposed to combined action of sunlight and atmospheric agents such as rain, hail and wind deposits.

It exhausts fumes and acid rain can have mild effect on surface. Also it is not affected by thermal shock and maintains its physical and mechanical properties.

Dimensional Stability:
With due conditioning of site, moderate dimensional variation due to the effect of atmosphere; it contracts in low humidity and expands in high humidity environments. The compactness of Leminex Exterior cladding panels provides excellent mechanical propertes such as flexural, tensile, compressive and impact strength.


  • Easy to install
  • Scratch resistant
  • Graffiti resistant
  • Non porous and easy to clean
  • Solvent and chemical resistant
  • Extremely UV and weather resistant
  • Double sided balanced panel
  • Impact resistant to EN ISO 178
  • Strongest warranty in the industry
  • Double hardened
  • 115 standard colors and decors
  • Custom Graphics (Individualdecor)
  • 4 Innovative surface textures
  • 5 Large panel sixes up to 161”x73”
  • High flatness and flexural strength
  • Extrem temperature Resisitance” -112F to +356F
  • Warranted for vertical and horizontal applications
  • Class A fire rated
  • ICC ESR #3340 report
  • Easily available at Delhi and Bangalore depots and with 140 dealers across India.


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