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AMW Mining Workhorse: Power packed heavy-duty tipper

AMW Mining Workhorse: Power packed heavy-duty tipper
AMW Motors Ltd., one of India’s largest heavy commercial vehicle manufacturers, announced the introduction of the 2528TP tipper for the mining, construction and other infrastructure industries. The company showcased its latest offering for the specialized sector at the 11th IMME.
AMW’s “Mining Workhorse” is a power packed heavy-duty tipper designed for the most arduous applications in the mining industry.
A highly fuel-efficient Cummins CRDI engine, a 9-speed gearbox, extra-long life clutch with a powerful drive line make the 2528TP the most reliable, productive heavy-duty vehicle for the industry. Its short wheelbase and turning radius make maneuverability instinctive and easy. The fuel efficiency of this truck is 14 per cent better than competitor’s.
A grade ability of 61 per cent makes the 2528TP the best-in-class tipper for high gradients, encountered in deep-mining applications. AMW’s proven robust chassis construction with double reinforcement throughout its length and its heavy-duty bogie suspension offer high stability and load carrying capability. Driver safety and comfort rate are high in AMW’s vehicles, and combined with a standard A/C fitment, these contribute to faster turnaround times.
“This is an important step for us as we have been very successful in our chosen product segments and are confident that we will gain market share as customer satisfaction has been one of our biggest strengths,” Anirudh Bhuwalka, Managing Director and CEO, AMW Motors, said. “The infrastructure sector, especially mining, is important for us and we are delighted to offer one more high performer to our customers in this sector.”


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