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GE showcased electric power solutions for mining

GE showcased electric power solutions for mining
GE Mining, addressing the complex demands of the mining industry, exhibited its large portfolio of products and technology solutions at the IMME, held in Kolkata. These include solutions from transportation (mining to movement), power-gen products (generation to distribution), water management solutions and intelligent platforms technologies that comprehensively address these challenging needs of mining companies.
As the global mining industry expands to deeper, more remote and extreme locations, its challenges grow more complex. GE’s broad portfolio of products and services addresses critical requirements for the mining industry.
“Our technology enables customers in the mining industry to safely generate, distribute and convert power more efficiently and at a lower cost; manage water more effectively; and improve productivity through more efficient transportation and deployment of advanced software monitoring systems,” Vishal Wanchoo, Vice President, Growth Initiatives, GE India, said at the event.
The company also put on view a wide range of underground mining equipment including diesel and battery-powered scoops, continuous miners, haulage systems, shield haulers, and maintenance vehicles from its recently acquired Fairchild International portfolio. GE also displayed its DurathonTM Battery energy storage system to propel underground mining vehicles with improved performance, increased reliability and lower life-cycle costs.
With a view on a mine’s unique power demands, GE offers a full range of flexible power solutions that enable mining companies to use power from multiple sources while allowing them to keep costs of energy low, besides offering digital energy, industrial solutions and power conversion solutions to help mining organizations minimize downtime and better manage their electricity needs.
Water management solutions from GE address this key issue facing the mining companies and have solutions that deliver high water recovery rates and reduce wastage as opposed to conventional systems.


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