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Architecture comes from within

“Architecture is a phenomenal profession; it’s a way of life. It’s a journey of discovery along with its fair share of disappointments and pain,” says Ar Sonali Rastogi, Founder Partner, Morphogenesis
Morphogenesis has been an award winning architecture firm having worked with the best names within the industry. The firm looks promising under the reins of its founder partner Sonali Rastogi. The young architect shares her knowledge and experience in the field of architecture.
Attraction towards architecture Essentially I come from a family of architects so being exposed to it from an early age drew me to it. It awakened the creative and artistic sensibility within me. I think it is a profession that arouses curiosity very easily and growing up as a child in that environment where curiosity plays a very major role, it was a natural choice for me.
Journey in the field of architecture The profession of an architect is always a journey. It’s something which is not a hobby or where you switch off when you go home. It is an all-encompassing profession and a way of life. So the journey continues as there is a continuing, growing experience of life. Much like with age, experience accumulates architectural wisdom in that journey.
Challenges in the profession Every project brings along with its own share of challenges. A project is actually a response to some expected and unexpected parameters, others which are evolved parameters. Each project brings along with it certain challenges, certain discoveries. Of course every time an architect works in a new location, in a different climatic condition or with a different typology, or sometime technically different, it brings along a new challenge. Everyday must have a challenge in it, and if it doesn’t then we should find it.
Need for green buildings I think role of green buildings in architecture any time is most relevant. It has been so globally, from times immemorial, where resources have been scarce and people have used them carefully. It’s only the last couple of decades which has seen rampant exploitation of resources and therefore the need to over specify today, the role of green building. Building green should be mandatory, it is natural, it is basic human instinct and I think we need to take cognizance of it. At Morphogenesis, we consider the widening scope of sustainability to be all inclusive; to include social, cultural, financial, technological and environmental sustainability. It is a core creative value and is practiced in the evolution of the design at every stage.
Advice for young architects Architecture is a phenomenal profession; it’s a way of life. It’s a journey of discovery along with its fair share of disappointments and pain. So only step in to it if you want to passionately want to embrace it and equally passionately want to be engulfed by it. Otherwise it’s not one of the easiest choices to make.


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