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Automated homes just a click away

Automated homes just a click away

In tandem with booming digitisation and automation with a focus towards conserving energy, Kiotel Automation is bringing forth innovative switches for customers. Sandeep Kelkar, Business Owner, Kiotel Automation explains how distance is no bar when it comes to automating homes providing enhanced control, and how operations can be simplified with just a single click.

Brief us about your range of products and their features.
Kiotel Automation Pvt Ltd is introducing, WiFi-based modular KwikSwitch Smart Switches – a retrofit solution for existing conventional moduler switches. The idea is to replace your existing modular switchboard with our switches with no change in existing wiring. Typical installation time for a 12-module switchboard is around an hour. We have dual module switches with 16A/1000w as standard load capacity, high power switches with 32A/2000w, 5-step fan regulator, IR blaster module, LED module for mood lighting and dimming, video door bell, curtain control switches and power saver LED lighting system. All products have standard WiFi communication protocol. It also offers control from anywhere in the world, free OTA updates for all our products, power consumption report, and each user has secured authentication process to access control.

How will your products add more value to smart cities?
KwikSwitch has POWER SAVER SMART LED solution. As part of every saving drive, almost all street lights are now converted into LED lights. There is still scope for more energy saving by controlling the use of LED lights in the wake of sufficient ambient light. With KwikSwitch Mobile App and POWER SAVER SMART LED, one can actually control wattage and illumination of LED by setting wattage to 10W, 20W, 30W, and so on. Once a KwikSwitch Gateway is installed at location or in a substation, it can control all connected devices in that area be it in the range of 1 km or 10km. Having KwikSwitch Gateway makes way for adding smart street lights, smart traffic signalling system, sensors for security, etc.

Please talk about the technology used in your switches.
Kiotel Automation Pvt Ltd has indigenously developed IoT-scaleable platform to provide eco-system to all the appliance manufacturers and LED light manufacturers. Some Chinese companies are offering WiFi modules for IoT implementation, but here we provide the complete hardware and software support. However, Chinese solution provides only software or backend support. In IoT industry, the most important aspect of quality product is also stable hardware. If the hardware is not stable, the efforts put in backend and software has no value. Any bugs or issues in backend or software can be resolved remotely to deliver quality support to the consumer, but if the hardware fails, there is huge amount of manpower required to resolve the issue which can give you setbacks in IoT business.

How will the switches enhance aesthetic appeal of a place?
While introducing our product, we were very particular about the interface or aesthetic look of the product. The most important part of our product is front or touch sensitive area of the switches. Glass touch surface itself tells the user about the product being touch sensitive. So, we decided to have only Glass Touch Sensitive Switches. Since everything is manufactured in Kiotel Automation facility, we will be soon providing more solid colour options in switches. In case of IR blaster, it is a device which will be kept in your living room or a bedroom to control appliances.

Explain how do your products make a place user-friendly.
KwikSwitch Mobile App lets you control your devices from anywhere in the world. All products are paired with your existing internet access point using mobile app with few simple steps. In India, unfortunately, consumers face the problem of internet connection quality, quite often. While designing our products, we have taken that into consideration so that consumer can see if the product is connected to the internet connection or not. If the connection is lost, he should still be able to control the devices with manual control as well as from local network. At any given time, local control and unit consumption data is not lost. Typically, old people in house should be comfortable in using all the products. Users can tag each control as foot lamps, passage lights, etc., to be able to easily filter the controls by tags as well as by status. This helps them create a scene and schedule it for repeated events by day selection. Thus, life gets simplified with just single click.

KwikSwitch Mobile App lets you control your devices from anywhere in the world.
Sandeep Kelkar, Business Owner, Kiotel Automation.


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