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Avians high speed doors for fast, efficient and smart entrance solutions

Avians high speed doors for fast, efficient and smart entrance solutions

Avians High-Speed Doors offers various options to cater to various industries and applications. Whether it’s improving efficiency in cold storage, maintaining cleanliness in clean rooms, or enhancing automation in conveyor systems, Avians has the right solution.

Regarding busy doorways requiring a safe, fast, and efficient operation, Avians High-Speed Doors with the CE standard are the ideal choice. These doors are designed to provide durability and speed, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use in sheltered areas with low wind loads and moderate temperatures. With high tear tensile strength PVC material, Avians high-speed roll-up doors offer exceptional quality and performance.

Features that set Avians High-Speed Doors apart:

Avians High Speed Doors come packed with features that make them stand out in functionality and convenience. Here are some key features of these doors:

High opening and closing speed: With a speed range of 0.8-2.0 metres per second, these doors ensure quick access while maintaining safety.

Transparent PVC Parts: The doors can be customised with transparent PVC parts of various sizes and numbers, allowing visibility and natural light to pass through.

Wide Range of RAL Colours: Avians High-Speed Doors are available in a wide range of RAL colours, enabling customization to match the aesthetics of any facility.

High-speed heavy-duty motor: The doors have a robust and efficient motor that ensures smooth and heavy usage operation with a safety braking system, ensuring instant stopping during emergencies or power failures. This enhances safety and prevents accidents.

Efficient and smart control panel: The doors feature an advanced smart control panel with provisions for integrating multiple accessories, providing easy operation and safety.

Easy installation and low maintenance: Avians High-Speed Doors are designed for hassle-free installation and require minimal maintenance, saving time and costs in the long run.

Avians Smart door _ ACE

Types of Avians High Speed Doors:

Avians offers many high-speed door variants to cater to different applications and industries. Let’s explore some of these variants:

High-speed door-modular type: This variant is designed for high-frequency operations and features stiffeners to withstand high wind loads. Due to its interchangeable panel design, it also allows for quick and easy repairs of damaged panels.

High-speed door – anti-crash type: Ideal for areas with vehicle traffic, this type offers protection from vehicle collisions. It features a self-alignment mechanism that enables automatic realignment after impact and a flexible bottom for smooth and long-lasting operation.

High-speed door-clean room application: Specially engineered for clean room environments, these doors offer a flush surface that is easy to clean and maintain. They ensure no air or temperature leakage, making them perfect for industries that require high cleanliness standards.

High-speed door – food and pharma application: These doors are designed to meet the strict requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries. With FDA-approved PVC fabric and stainless steel construction, they provide a hygienic and space-saving solution for these sectors.

High-speed door – cold storage application: Built for temperature-controlled areas, these doors feature double wall insulated curtains, improving the efficiency of cold rooms. Their fast opening and closing capability helps maintain proper temperature control and enhance refrigeration efficiency.

High-speed door – conveyor/machine and robotic application: This variant is specifically designed to integrate conveyor systems, machines, and robotic applications. It offers high-speed operation, various material options, and the possibility of integration with the client’s system for seamless automation.

High-speed door – metallic spiral type: Combining the benefits of high-speed doors and metal rolling shutters, this variant offers insulation and high performance in terms of safety and thermal-acoustic insulation. Specially designed spiral mechanism for horizontal and vertical lifting to provide 90-degree opening. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

High-speed door – fold-up type: These doors are an excellent solution for reducing noise pollution and dust deposits. They are designed for heavy-duty applications and larger openings, making them suitable for high-wind areas. The special anti-drop electromagnetic brake device ensures safety and prevents free-falling.

Please feel free to connect with our team for any support on the High-Speed Door requirement or queries: Email: sales@avians.co.in  Contact No. 8390300400, Website: www.avians.co.in


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