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SS-ProtectoCon AC for high-performance external facade protection

SS-ProtectoCon AC for high-performance external facade protection

Building resilience through decades of expertise, Assess Build Chem ensures lasting performance in every drop with SS – ProtectoCon AC, a shield of innovation for your external facades.

Assess Build Chem follows a dedicated system to ensure the performance of installed waterproofing Systems. As Construction Chemical Manufacturers with over four decades of experience in materials and technology, we understand your core issues and help design waterproofing systems to provide needed service lives. Buildings show signs of dampness due to water ingress from the external façade. One of our Flagship Products for protecting the external building façade is SS – ProtectoCon AC, a High Performance, Breathable, UV Resistant, Waterproof, Crack Bridging, and Anti-Carbonation Coating.

Applied like regular paint, SS – ProtectoCon AC offers the choicest performance characteristics such as water resistance, elongation of 250 percent, Excellent Tensile Strength > 2 MPa, crack bridging ability of > 2 mm, UV Resistance, Chloride and carbonation resistance, breathability and much more, that far exceeds the performance of regular decorative paints. Produced under controlled conditions and verified by a QA system, SS – ProtectoCon AC has proven performance of being applied to:

· Bridges
· Heritage and older structures
· Industrial, Commercial or Residential Buildings
· External Faces of water tanks
· Places of religious worship [built using traditional methods]
· Chimneys, Cooling Towers, etc.
· Hotels and Resorts

This coating provides a large number of benefits to end-users such as:

· Protection from water ingress from external faces
· Does not fade or degrade under UV
· Bridges Cracks on Façade
· Resistant to the growth of moss and fungus
· Resistant to salty atmosphere, carbonation and pollution
· Can be pigmented to a variety of colours

We help our clients protect structures using these simple systems. The materials are easy to mix and process and relatively robust to handle and apply. They are very tough and can be handled with varying degrees of moisture and weather conditions. Contact us to know more.

Assess build _ ACE

Over two decades old, Assess Build Chem Private Limited was formed in 1994 and is an accredited ISO 9001:2015 company. We offer tailor-made material and construction chemical solutions for the construction industry to address specific issues in construction. Assess Build Chem provides construction chemical solutions in Admixtures, concrete and Finishing Aids, Dry-mix mortars, Waterproofing, Repairs, Protection, Flooring, Heritage structures and soil stabilization. These speciality materials can be applied in Building Construction, Infrastructure (roads, airports, ports, and railways), Water and Wastewater Treatment, Energy Sector and Power Plants, Industrial Structures and Heritage Structures. Centrally located production facilities and a network of trained applicators – all over India help us reach our customers.

Assess Build Chem is managed by its owners, who believe in connecting people, making fast decisions, and solving customer construction problems. This means our customers receive precise technical advice, short delivery times and quick after-sales service. Our service attitude, attention to detail and personal connection to customers make us your trusted knowledge partners and solution providers for Construction Chemicals.

For more info visit: http://www.ssbuildchem.com


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