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BKT highlights groundbreaking innovations at Excon 2023

BKT highlights groundbreaking innovations at Excon 2023

Step into the world of groundbreaking advancements in the construction industry as we sit down with Ashok Chhajer, Senior General Manager of OE Sales at Balkrishna Industries Ltd., exploring the from pneumatic to solid tires, all-steel radial tires and rubber tracks; BKT has set a new standard with its diverse range of offerings. 

What is the focus of your latest rubber tracks, and how do they demonstrate skilful engineering?
At the Excon 2023, we explored our cutting-edge product lineup, highlighting groundbreaking innovations that distinguished us. Our showcase boasted technologically advanced offerings, focusing on revolutionary features. Visitors to the BKT booth at Excon 2023 experienced our latest rubber tracks, showcasing skilful engineering and unmatched performance.

Can you provide details about the 6.4 metric-ton tire?
At our latest showcase in Excon 2023, we unveiled an impressive 6.4 metric-ton tire, a testament to our commitment as India’s foremost producer of rubber tracks. Our innovations spanned beyond agriculture, catering to the construction equipment sector. A prime illustration was our spotlighted rubber track for compact loaders, highlighting its remarkable versatility. Each product showcased represented a recent addition to our growing portfolio, ensuring we offered a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions for diverse applications.

How has your company positioned itself at the forefront of technological advancements in the construction industry?
Positioning ourselves at the forefront of technological advancements in the construction industry, our product lineup underscores our core competency. The exclusive 3200 SK, tailored for the speciality segment, exemplifies our commitment to innovation. From pneumatic to solid tires, all-steel radial tires, and rubber tracks, our diverse offerings set an industry benchmark. We excel in a weight range from 1.7 kg to 6.4 metric tons, showcasing our forte. With Bharat Ka Tires reaching over 163 countries, our global presence signifies our international impact on the construction sector.

How does the global strategy align with the overarching theme of globalisation in the company’s vision?
Within the heightened focus on globalisation, BKT’s global strategy is evident through Bharat ka Tyre, which transcends borders, reaching over 163 countries. This underscores our international presence and aligns with the overarching theme of globalisation. The event’s significance extends beyond India, drawing attendees from diverse nations and transforming it into an international gathering. BKT’s global outreach epitomises our commitment to a broad strategy, fostering connections and collaborations on a global scale.

How does the commitment to sustainability contribute to the enduring momentum in your manufacturing operations?
In our tire manufacturing operations, operational efficiency is coupled with a steadfast commitment to sustainability. As a socially responsible company, we place a premium on initiatives that contribute to corporate social responsibility. A noteworthy collaboration with Actual Patra exemplifies our dedication to creating a positive impact. This partnership underscores our proactive approach to sustainability and operational excellence, ensuring that our manufacturing processes align with ethical and environmental considerations, driving efficiency and enduring momentum in our operations.

For more info visit: https://www.bkt-tires.com/ww/us/


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