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We offer modern, dynamic and aesthetically appealing tiles

Shyam Bhuva, Managing Director of Mozart, speaks about features and architectural trends in tiles. What distinguishing features of your tiles make you stand out in the industry? Our full-body tiles provide composition, strength, thickness, durability, and quality. The process of vitrification is what produces vitrified tiles. It acquires extremely little porosity due to this procedure, […]

Seamless Fusion of Lustrous Beauty and Durability

The company insists on honesty, integrity, and fairness in all aspects of its business and expects the same in its relationships. Mangalore Tiles Ltd, a private sector enterprise founded by Sri H.N Nackathaya, made its humble beginning in 1947. They manufacture premium OM brand clay roofing tiles, Decorative tiles, Hollow blocks, Wire cut bricks, ridges, […]

Hindware announces foray into tiles

Hindware Italian Collection brings Hindware Italian Tiles, the premium range of experiential tiles for the discerning consumer. As part of the expansion, the company aims to open 18 depots across India, starting with Rajpur, Punjab.  The iconic bathware brand ‘Hindware’, announced its expansion into tiles segment with Hindware Italian Tiles. With this, the company inaugurated […]