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Way for a greener future

 “Sustainability is not a trend, but a way of life! By embracing conscious decisions, innovative technologies, and contextual sensitivity, we can design buildings that inspire visually and contribute to a greener tomorrow.” Prof. Christopher Benninger, Principal Architect & Chairman, CCBA. What are the latest trends in architectural design, and how are they influencing your work?  […]


Jason Anderson, Senior Associate, AIA, SOM, states that Indian markets leverage emerging tools like embodied carbon assessment and digital twins, reflecting their dedication to informed design decisions and effective asset maintenance. Together, we drive sustainable progress and embrace the future of construction. What are the latest trends in architectural design, and how are they influencing […]

Reducing carbon footprints strategies to design sustainable buildings

In an exclusive interaction, Naomi Darling discusses three essential steps architects can take, including incorporating passive strategies, adapting to regional climates, decreasing energy demands, selecting low embodied carbon materials, and designing for cultural needs. How can architects ensure that their projects contribute to mitigating climate change and reducing global emissions? We are at a critical […]

Optimising sustainability and energy efficiency

Simon Pallubicki, Mathieu Chazelle, and Brice Piechaczyk, founders and architects of Enia Studios, collaboratively discuss mainstream architecture with energy-efficient and cost-effective building designs for India. What kinds of designs are primarily in demand today, especially considering the need for smart buildings and sustainable designs? Simon Pallubicki:  Efficient and resilient buildings are becoming the norm. Enia believes […]

Sustainability is a critical pillar for optimising and reconfiguring strategies

In an exclusive interaction with the international architect Andrea Andreotti, he discusses the strategies for sustainable workplaces and smart practices for energy efficiency and cost-effective building designs. During his professional experience, he has mainly focused his skills on the growth of the businesses of corporate clients through the creation of innovative design models and tailor-made […]

Palazzo Gatto Art Hotel and Spa

Like a tale of wonder that takes shape by the desired dissonance with the context, Palazzo Gatto is a work that characterises the city centre of Trapani, Sicily. Built by the recovery of a historical building of the ‘700 in the historic centre of Trapani, Palazzo Gatto Art Hotel& Spa is now a place where […]