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Duravit’s sanitary ware and design bathroom furniture

Duravit combines the highest manufacturing quality with outstanding design and creates washbasin solutions brimming with innovation: it has taken perfection, years of experience and expertise to develop c-bonded technology, a globally unique process in which ceramics and bathroom furniture are combined almost seamlessly. Thanks to the accurate and precise-fitting connecting technology, ceramic and furniture merge […]

RDC offers total solution for waste management

Sustainability in manufacturing, reduce, recycle and reuse are the mantras strictly follow in the company manufacturing plants. The recycle plant at the manufacturing sites recycles any material that come back from the client sites. The coarse and fine aggregate is separated and reused, bringing down the cost for procuring fresh aggregates as well as the […]

Open cell ceilings blend with design aesthetics

Open cell ceiling system provides scalability of sizeable areas while maintaining the mystique of its design. The most intriguing feature about the design is its ability to blend with other architectural designing. Recommended for public spaces like airports, shopping centres, leisure facilities and commercial offices, the design facilitates easy airflow management and rapid smoke extraction, […]

Perma Construction: providing solutions for waterproofing

Polyurethane-based elastomeric bitumen free waterproofing system PermaElasto Shield PU- White Description PermaElasto Shield PU – White is a single component, VOC-compliant, ready-to-use polyurethane-based hybrid liquid waterproofing membrane that is applied with a brush or stiff roller. It cures by reaction with humidity, maintains its elasticity, suitable for applications to horizontal and vertical surfaces. PermaElasto Shield […]