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Perma Construction: providing solutions for waterproofing

Perma Construction: providing solutions for waterproofing

Polyurethane-based elastomeric bitumen free waterproofing system
PermaElasto Shield PU- White

PermaElasto Shield PU – White is a single component, VOC-compliant, ready-to-use polyurethane-based hybrid liquid waterproofing membrane that is applied with a brush or stiff roller. It cures by reaction with humidity, maintains its elasticity, suitable for applications to horizontal and vertical surfaces. PermaElasto Shield PU – White waterproofs flat roofs, pitched roofs, parapet walls, metal roof decks, terraces, etc., and provides a seamless elastomeric flexible roofing membrane that stays watertight longer than conventional seamed roofs. It will not crack, crumble, or peel despite exposure to severe weather or total joint movement. It is designed for maximum flexibility and water resistance. Upon curing PermaElasto Shield PU – White forms a tough and flexible membrane which is resistant to a wide range of temperatures, oxidation, radiation and ultra violet rays.

Primary uses
Ideal waterproofing system for all types of roofs, maintenance of existing roofs, masonry and concrete walls, bathrooms, basements, bridges, decks, metal surfaces etc.

It has tear strength 14 N/mm2, tensile strength>1.8 N/mm2, elongation 650 per cent, solid content 80 per cent, adhesion on concrete 2.2N/ mm2, low temperature flexibility -35C, shore A hardness 60, crack bridging passed 1/16” at 15F (-9C), permeability 1.02 perms, minimum thickness 1,000 micron, one- day setting time, white colour, the duration between coats is four hours.

The product has completely seamless roof and is extremely flexible, watertight, impact resistant , leak protection and corrosion control. The white and highly reflective surface reduces rooftop and interior temperatures. Low VOC, non-toxic and environmentally compliant.

PermaElasto Shield PU – White is non toxic hence complies with green building product requirement.

PermaElasto Shield PU – White is a highly elastic product and forms a rubber like membrane which is capable of withstanding severe expansion, contraction and deck movements.

PermaElasto Shield PU – White when applied adapts to any irregular surface forming a waterproof blanket.

Directions for use
Surface Preparation: Surface to be waterproofed shall be dry, clean, sound and free of all contaminants which may interfere with adhesion or proper curing. The substrates should not contain holes or cracks and should be dust-free. All shrinkage cracks shall be treated with suitable material. Moving structural cracks greater than 1/16” (1.6 mm) shall be routed out and caulked with approved Perma material. Detailing like horizontal vertical junctures, projections, expansion joints and other areas of potential high movement may require reinforcement and sealants to fill. Consult with the company’s technical team for further information. All such repaired areas must be cured for a minimum period of 12 hours.

Application: This rapid setting liquid is spread at the desired thickness onto the prepared surface. The coating is applied from the container using standard roofing brushes, squeegees or airless spray equipment at the recommended coverage rates on properly cleaned and prepared dry substrates. Application of PermaElasto Shield PU – White system should be done in one complete step to create a smooth uniform self leveling surface without cold joints, lines or streaks. Apply the first coat at the rate of 500 micron thickness. Let it dry fully (approximately four-six hours between coats), then apply the second coat (500micron thickness). Waiting time shortens in hot weather and lengthens in cold weather.

Caution: Do not mix with water and do not apply on moist surfaces. The surface to be applied should be free of moisture.

PermaElasto Shield PU – White will cover an area of 1sq/mt. when applied in two coats at a thickness of 1,000 microns.

For any further information,
please visit www.permaindia.com


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