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LYSAGHT: cladding, structural products from Tata BlueScope Steel

For over 150 years, the LYSAGHT brand has been providing high-quality roof and wall cladding, structural products and accessories to the industrial, infrastructure and commercial segments
The modern world, defined by the urban structure, infrastructure and industries is a testimony to the constructive power of steel.  In this era where steel has emerged as a predominate material in shaping the modern architecture, steel roof and wall cladding has become a fast growing concept today. Architects prefer using steel roof and wall over the conventional material as it offers design flexibility which helps their imagination take shape. Moreover, quality, strength, long life, low maintenance are some of the vital elements of steel roof and wall cladding
The Indian roof and wall cladding industry is poised for a sustainable growth and preparing for the next generation of ambitious projects. Consumers today are looking for high-quality products with attractive aesthetics in addition to outstanding performance. Tata BlueScope Steel Ltd. manufactures and markets roll-formed roof and wall cladding solutions as well as lightweight PEB structures. The company caters to the increasing and ongoing demands of the B2B industry through its LYSAGHT range of products.
LYSAGHT range of profiles include concealed fixed roofing systems with on-site roll forming facilities, screw-down roof and wall cladding profiles, structural products such as decking systems, purlins and girts as well as accessories such as TRIMS, skylight, fasteners and Louvremax. These premium profiles offer cost efficiency, shorter lead time, high strength, superior quality paint coating system resulting into long-lasting aesthetics. World-class safety standards are constantly practiced during the construction process. LYSAGHT profiles also adhere to the green environmental norms as the profiles are made from lead-free materials and can also be used for rain-water harvesting.
The brand believes in continuous improvement to effectively match consumer expectations and requirements. LYSAGHT has launched a new standing seam profile, LYSAHGT FLEX-LOK that meets the challenges of different shapes and marvellous steel structures. FLEX-LOK is available in tapered and curved shaped profiles. LYSAGHT FLEX-LOK system is able to meet the most demanding construction and design requirements while crafting roofs with outstanding performance and pleasing aesthetics. Moreover, being a concealed fixed system it provides weather tightness and superior resistance to wind uplift. LYSAGHT FLEX-LOK is mostly used in the infrastructure and large industrial applications.
LYSAGHT brand has also introduced VARYDEK profile under its screw down profile range. VARYDEK is an innovative subtle square fluted steel cladding which is been used as a versatile roofing and walling profile for industrial, commercial, infrastructure and residential projects.
LYSAGHT is a preferred brand in solar segment by offering roof top solar solutions and ground mounted solar applications. It has developed new variants which offer design freedom, ease of installation and durability.
LYSAGHT offers innovative and economical decking systems through SMARTDEK 51 and EZYDEK 44 profiles. SMARTDEK profile is suitable for construction of composite floor slabs and EZYDEK 44 profile acts as a permanent formwork and provides a strong working platform during slab construction.
LYSAGHT brand has established itself as an expert in re-roofing and retrofitting jobs. These solutions require special expertise and know-how. Specially, retrofitting jobs demand for roof above roof in running plant condition. In 10 years, the brand has given re-roofing and retrofitting solutions of over 2-million-square-metre area.
In all, LYSAGHT brand is catering to a strong base of customers and is associated with world-class projects in automobiles, railways, airports, shipyards, stadiums, power projects and other infrastructure projects.
To know more about LYSAGHT brand, www.tatabluescopesteel.com or mail at lysaght@tatabluescopesteel.com


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