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Design Deconstruct unveils a spa-like washroom

Design Deconstruct unveils a spa-like washroom

India’s leading design and build company, Design Deconstruct has unveiled a stylish bathroom that will create a lasting impression with your guests.

Statement furnishings, exquisite artworks and luxurious materials come together to create this washroom that embodies timeless glamour. In a home’s interiors, a bathroom plays a crucial role. As people’s daily lives have become hectic, they desire a washroom that is uncluttered and relaxing, just like this modern bathroom crafted by Design Deconstruct. This washroom features elegant black and white tiles, state-of-the-art fittings and luxurious furnishings. The chic bathroom is designed as an ideal space for the contemporary home, impeccably dressed and inviting.

Design Deconstruct believes that a well-designed bathroom is a space where you can relax and rejuvenate. It should be serene while also being highly functional, similar to this bathroom, which is a space where you can refresh and unwind. The focus lies in selecting the right materials for the flooring and the walls. Marble is Design Deconstruct’s go to choice for the same. The brand has used two types of marble to form an inlay pattern, which enabled them to add detail to this relatively big washroom.

Furthermore, mirrors with unconventional forms are used to enhance the perception of space and to make a statement. For this bathroom, the brand has used simple sanitaryware as they did not necessarily want it to be a design feature but something that is practical and understated. In addition, the ceiling and walls were finished in textured paint that is a soft element taking away from all the hard materials used. The designers made it a point to use some art in the washroom too, which doesn’t follow a theme, but holds your attention for a bit. This washroom by Design Deconstruct has a spa-like feel. It is the perfect space to unwind in after a long day.

For more info visit : http://www.designdeconstruct.in/



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