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Double-digit growth across the sectors

“We have pioneered PnC cranes in the Indian market and took it to the next level at the right time,” remarks Rajinder Raina, General Manager – Marketing, Escorts Construction Equipment
 Escorts is one among the leaders in cranes and the fastest-growing company in backhoe loaders. The company is positive about the market as well as its influence to help the market grow. In a conversation with ACE Update, Rajinder Raina predicts the double digit growth across the sector and shares how this growth would add value to the entire chain.
India and construction and infrastructure industryInfrastructure developments in India have immense potential. Barring last 2 years, the industry has consistently seen a double-digit growth. Delayed decision making has led to negative growth and sentiment. Lack of quick decision making and clearances from land acquisition and environment has brought the wheels to a near standstill. The new government is likely to act to deliver the desired level of development and growth. Next couple of months should kick-start the process where after the growth should start. The next 5 years should give India a consistent double-digit growth across the sectors. Last 2 months have registered small growth which is expected to get a multiplier effect post budget.
Adding valueEscorts will go back to consistently increasing capacity utilisation that stands at 60 per cent today. This, in turn, will help its channel partners with increased positivism and better viability. Escorts has geared up its distribution apparatus for the expected growth where from the dealers and the customers will benefit. Overall, the growth will add value to the entire chain.
X-FactorsInfrastructure and construction industry hold massive potential in India. The government is committed to delivering growth, and for doing so it needs to have infrastructure at place. There are global players and investors who are keen to participate in India’s growth story by holding stakes on a long-term basis. With the current economic condition of China and Europe and a business like government in India, the industry is looking for the next decade. The confidence behind the promise comes from the fact that infrastructure and construction industry has witnessed exponential growth in the past and it is a part of the 5-year plan. The X-Factor comes from the fact that it will spearhead the growth in India, and rest everything will be secondary or consequential.
Escorts and current market scenarioCurrently, Escorts is one among the leaders in cranes and the fastest-growing company in backhoe loaders. After-sales support is its X-Factor. Next 5 years should see it the No 2 in the industry.
Escorts and competitorsEscorts offers a wholesome package to its customers. Escorts has pioneered PnC cranes in the Indian market and took it to the next level at the right time. It has also pioneered vibratory compaction in India and brought the concept of backhoe loaders into India. The concept of dealership network in construction and material handling industry is a brainchild of Escorts in India. It has partnered customers in product selection, customisation, proper usage and after-sales service. Escorts takes pride in contributing its bit to the infrastructure development in India.


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