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Duravit SensoWash Slim: shower functions for refreshing sanitation

Duravit SensoWash Slim: shower functions for refreshing sanitation

The SensoWash shower-toilet line stands for the most natural form of hygiene possible: refreshing cleansing with water. With SensoWash Slim, Duravit has now added a new minimalist variant that uses technology intelligently. Thanks to its balanced proportions and particularly flat shower-toilet seat, SensoWash Slim looks like a classic toilet, allowing it to satisfy the desire for sleek aesthetics and timeless modernity. Outstandingly practical and easy to use, the new shower-toilet seat is the ideal solution for private, semi-public and public areas.

The handy, ultra-slim remote control, which continues the clear design of the shower-toilet seat, is used to select the desired function: ComfortWash, RearWash or LadyWash. The intensity and position of the spray and the water temperature can be set to suit personal taste using the illuminated symbols. There is also a clever and convenient night-light function, with an LED that illuminates the inner basin providing orientation in the dark. It is also possible to lock or unlock all functions using a special key combination. After use, the remote control is stored in a wall-mounted holder. The lid and seat close automatically and gently.

The flat seat unit, which is made of an especially rugged material, is very hygienic thanks to its scratch-resistant, pore-free surface. For the first time the seat and shower-toilet technology are completely separate: The entire SensoWash Slim seat unit can be removed and replaced in a snap, allowing it to be cleaned quickly and easily. This is a tremendous advantage for use in semi-public and public areas. At the same time, the sturdy attachment to the toilet prevents the seat from shifting.

As with all Duravit SensoWash models, an integrated flow heater ensures that resources are used intelligently, as the required amount of water is only heated as and when needed. SensoWash Slim’s concealed water and cable connections accentuate the clarity of the shower-toilet seat’s design. Thanks to the plug-in connectors for water and electricity and the integrated safety device for the protection of drinking water in compliance with DIN EN 1717, installation is very easy.

SensoWash Slim provides essential shower functions for natural cleansing with water and offers outstanding value for money. The new model is available in various design versions to satisfy different needs and bathroom situations, making it compatible with seven Duravit ranges, including the new P3 Comforts and ME by Starck ranges, as well as DuraStyle, Happy D.2, Starck 2, Starck 3 and Darling New.

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