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Duro’s Salone Collection ’23 – innovatively dyed veneers

Duro’s Salone Collection ’23 – innovatively dyed veneers

“Duro’s Salone Collection ’23 where nature’s beauty meets Italian innovation, crafting your unique aesthetic.”

Duro proudly presents the Salone Collection ’23, a groundbreaking achievement that showcases the largest and most diverse range of dyed veneers in India. These dyed veneers are the result of a perfect marriage between nature and advanced Italian technology, crafted by blending bleached raw veneer with our proprietary in-house color-processing techniques. Among these veneers, the gray-dyed variants stand out, offering a sleek and contemporary aesthetic that empowers designers to bring their abstract ideas to life. With a strong commitment to sustainability and an extensive selection of veneer tones, Duro provides designers with the tools to unleash their creativity and transform spaces into unique works of art.

This Italian collection of dyed wood veneers is a game-changer for designers and furniture manufacturers seeking dynamic versatility and an expansive array of options for their interior projects.

The natural grains inherent in these veneers bestow them with a one-of-a-kind appearance that imparts a distinctive character to any space. The result is a customised aesthetic that perfectly aligns with the preferences of discerning consumers. To achieve a wide range of natural grain patterns from a single wood species, we meticulously measure and cut logs in various orientations, including crown, quarter, rotary, and rift. This process enables the creation of diverse and organic expressions that showcase the inherent beauty of nature’s forms.

Thanks to intensive innovation, the Salone Collection ’23 by Duro is available in an array of colors, spanning from understated pastels to vibrant reds and eye-catching blues. Some colors evoke nostalgia, reminiscent of wooden designs that were popular decades ago, such as earthy browns. This provides the opportunity to design living spaces with artistically crafted wood that perfectly complements your desired color schemes. With a vast selection of over 300 veneer designs, featuring variations in dyed colors and wood species, both in their natural state and customisable options, you can recreate a unique and personalised aesthetic for your home.

Beyond staying up-to-date with the latest aesthetics, nearly all of Duro’s veneer collections are environmentally conscious and responsibly sourced. We have implemented various initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint. All our products, from plywood to decorative veneers, adhere to E0 emission standards, ensuring minimal formaldehyde emissions. Additionally, we are proud to hold FSC certification, which guarantees sustainability across three fundamental dimensions: ecology, economy, and socio-cultural well-being. This certification underscores our commitment to environmentally responsible practices, including forest preservation, the promotion of fair business practices, and the enhancement of local communities.

Preserving wooden furniture and preventing termite infestations are crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of interiors. To this end, Duro manufactures pressure-treated woods for crafting veneers and plywood.

Duro’s Veneer Fact File:

  • GRADE: Hand-selected from premier European and American veneer mills, rated as the best grade (A++) veneers.
  • Veneer Face: 0.55mm thickness to ensure no delamination or sanding off during polishing.
  • Thickness: 4.00 mm and above.
  • Length: Available in 2150mm, 2440mm, and 3050mm.
  • Width: Available in 915mm and 1220mm.
  • Bonding Adhesive: Utilising an in-house formulation.
  • Emissions: Compliant with EN-717-1 standards.
  • Double-pressed only on Hardwood Plywood in BWR & MR grades.
  • Features an extra back face of hardwood keruing veneer for solid and warp-proof construction.
  • Easy to polish, providing a seamless finish to your projects.

    For more info: https://www.duroply.in/


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