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SkyLITE lift & slide windows a stunning vista experience

SkyLITE lift & slide windows a stunning vista experience

Introducing SkyLITE, the latest addition to our SKY Series, a window system that redefines elegance, style, and simplicity.

With its sleek, minimalist design, SkyLITE provides you with unrivaled panoramic views, fewer distractions, and enhanced sightlines. SkyLITE features a resilient modular system, complete with a unique handle that effortlessly adjusts the window’s opening size while adding a touch of sophistication to your space. The long-lever handle is ergonomically designed for smooth and easy panel movement. Crafted to handle large sliding openings weighing up to 350 kilograms, SkyLITE incorporates INOX sliding tracks and a roller bogey, ensuring silent “lift and slide” operations. Multiple handle color options are available to seamlessly blend with any design theme.

As India’s leading supplier of eco-friendly, high-performance fenestration systems, ALCOI presents SkyLITE, an embedded lift-and-slide system that boasts a concealed outer frame and flush shutter profiles for maximum transparency, free from architectural constraints. The system offers single, double, and triple row INOX sliding tracks for effortless, frictionless sliding. Not only do these tracks ensure safety and smooth operation, but they are also removable for easy maintenance. SkyLITE’s wraparound glazing gaskets provide edge protection and enable hassle-free glass replacement in case of breakage.

SkyLITE is equipped with special EPDM gaskets that guarantee airtight and watertight seals, as well as exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation. The outer frame tracks are intelligently designed with condensation profiles that collect and channel water through concealed weep holes.

Customisable to suit your specific needs, SkyLITE seamlessly integrates functionality, transparency, and a visually pleasing solution that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor spaces. Designed to provide a full 100 percent opening, SkyLITE is the perfect addition to elevate your dining room, patio, or porch areas to the next level, offering a breathtaking vista experience.

For more info: https://alcoi.in/


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