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Engineering consulting is expected to take off

“Innovation, value engineering, integrated services and ethical practices set us apart as a global player of value,” says J P Haran, Managing Director, Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd.
 Tata Consulting Engineers is a large engineering consulting company which provides integrated engineering services from concept to commissioning in key sectors. In a conversation with ACE Update, J P Haran shares how Tata Consulting Engineers is working hard to set apart as a unique player in the market.
India and construction and infrastructure industry Tata Consulting Engineers (TCE) is a prominent player in the infrastructure space, delivering large-scale projects across the infrastructure verticals. The key drivers for the sector are capital investments, public-private partnerships, government policy decisions and demand. In a huge developing country like India characterised by unmet demands and growth potential, infrastructure projects are expected to be substantial in the next 5 years. This potential can be realised on the strength of the key drivers for the sector. These capital intensive projects require a climate for investments both public and private, government initiatives to facilitate investments in the sector and also tapping into funding from international funding agencies. With the new government in place, some of the bottlenecks affecting these projects are being taken care of. With more funding for the sector and a favourable business climate for investments, the sector is expected to take off.
Adding growth to TCE TCE is a large engineering consulting company and provides integrated engineering services from concept to commissioning in key sectors. Infrastructure is an important sector for TCE as it has delivered highly complex projects for the Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project, Bengal Aerotropolis, Gujarat International Financial Tech City, and water and wastewater management for several states in the country, to name a few. The current proposals mooted by the government such as 100 smart cities and developments in Swachh Bharat augur well for TCE. Backed by past experience and preparedness for upcoming opportunities, TCE is in a strong position to benefit from the growth potential. It has added new service lines corresponding to the demand in emerging sectors. Its business revolves around such large capex projects. With a free passage for investments and timely policy decisions, TCE will be a direct beneficiary of the impending growth in the sector.
X-FactorsLarge engineering consulting businesses such as TCE’s are dependent on capex projects requiring huge investments and government intervention by way of policy decisions. Consistent growth in GDP is a pre-requisite to fuel demand and result in growth for the sector. Along with this, welfare projects for water and sanitation can add to healthy growth in the sector. Most of all, there have to be clear policies and guidelines. These have to be planned through and efficient models created such that the capex projects are self-sustaining in the long run.
TCE and current market scenarioTCE has strong core competencies in sectors such as water, wastewater, environment management, urban infrastructure development, master planning for buildings and townships, smart city development, power, and transmission and distribution.  The company is adequately equipped to explore emerging opportunities and is in a position to provide value in the sector.
TCE is a well-known name in India and would like to position itself as a niche player with capability to develop, engineer, procure and manage large projects of national importance. In its 51 years of engineering consultancy, it has engineered several first-of-its-kind projects in the country. The next phase of development in the country will see it as one of the crucial players contributing to growth.
Apart from India, TCE is positioning itself appropriately in select global markets in sectors such as power, T&D, water, buildings and so forth.


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