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Fima Carlo Frattini launches Marmorea from their Outdoor Range

Fima Carlo Frattini launches Marmorea from their Outdoor Range

An innovative design solution that reflects new ways of outdoor living with a style made of attention to details, strong decorative value, functionality and eco-sustainability. 

Fima Carlo Frattini is an Italian company that has existed for three generations. The continuous search for beauty and the spasmodic attention to every detail, from the choice of machinery, to the study of the components of a new product up to the development of its explanatory brochure, is what has always distinguished and characterized the brand. This well-known brand has launched the elegant Marmorea designed by Davide Vercelli.

Marmorea is the result of the intention to create a product for the outdoors with exclusive elegance in terms of careful research of materials and formal purity, which can also easily fit in indoor spaces for its refinement and value. It is a model that emphasises aesthetic value and refined details without forgetting durability and ease of use. The design of Marmorea is inspired by the basic geometric figure of the cylinder, the rotation solid par excellence. Its main features are: the marble base, the shower pipe, the control and the shower head. Extremely iconic, the base is a structural element but at the same time functional to make the shower experience more comfortable and pleasant: it can become indeed a useful support.

The minimalistically designed shower stem is characterized by a sinuous graphic sign: two curves, one with a slightly inclined portion, run through it, creating a light, archetypal silhouette. The shower head is available with two different spray modes to suit your wellbeing needs: Rain and Cascade. The three innovative Rain jet aerators, ensure a wide, soft and pleasant flow of rainwater while guaranteeing a water consumption of only 8 liters per minute. They can be individually adjusted to modulate the flow at will, for a truly relaxing moment. The waterfall jet is designed to offer an energizing and vigorous massage. Its fast and decisive flow completely envelops the body and guarantees perfect relaxation.

Discretion and formal cleanliness are the hallmark of the flow opening and closing control, which blends harmoniously with the linear design of the shower column. Ergonomically designed for easy grip, it allows the jet intensity and temperature to be adjusted at will. Marmorea is available in two elegant finishes for the marble base – Carrara white and Marquina black – which combine with the shades of the shower column body to customize en plein air environments with character: steel and Carrara white marble for a precious harmony, light grey and Carrara white marble for a refined effect, steel and Marquina black marble for a sophisticated contrast, matt black with Marquina black marble for a total look of extreme elegance.

For more info visit: https://fimacf.com/en/marmorea-en/



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