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Hindalco aluminium extrusions pioneering sustainable excellence

Hindalco aluminium extrusions pioneering sustainable excellence

Deepak Deshmukh, Joint President and Head of Sales, Aluminium Extrusions, Hindalco, shares insights on the company’s innovative strides and prominent role in shaping the industry trends.

What sets Hindalco’s aluminium extrusion plants apart, and how do they contribute to the company’s industry-leading position?
Hindalco, a flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group, boasts four strategically located plants in India with a total aluminium extrusion capacity of around 100,000 tonnes. Situated in Renuka (near Varanasi), Cochin, Kuppam (near Bangalore), and Silvassa, these facilities offer a wide range of services, including powder coating, anodising, and fabrication. With in-house dye manufacturing and built-casting capabilities, Hindalco delivers comprehensive solutions for industrial, defence, and architectural applications, solidifying its position as a premier provider.

How do your Silvassa facility and advanced processes enhance its competitive edge in supplying high-quality extruded products for Indian architecture?
Our competitive edge in architectural applications stems from the extensive range of sizes, with presses spanning six to thirteen and a half inches. The state-of-the-art model in Silvassa exemplifies the company’s commitment to innovation. Our vertical powder coating line in Silvassa, India, ensures architects, fabricators, and builders access to reliable, high-quality powder-coated materials. Precision anodising is facilitated by specialised equipment, eliminating shade variations that can concern customers. Addressing the need for high-quality dye shops in India, Hindalco established block one at Silvassa, showcasing its remarkable in-house dye manufacturing capability.

Hindalco Aluminium _ ACE

How does Hindalco ensure operational efficiency and sustainability in its manufacturing process? Hindalco has earned global recognition as the foremost sustainable aluminium company for four consecutive years. Our commitment to a low carbon footprint is unwavering, and we actively engage with clients to promote awareness of sustainable aluminium practices in India. Emphasising recycling, we have initiated the recycling process within India, channelling recycled aluminium into industrial, automotive, and architectural applications. With a steadfast ambition, we aspire to set the global standard for low-carbon and sustainable aluminium, solidifying our position as leaders in environmentally responsible practices.

Can you brief us about the current R&D projects and explain how you remain technologically advanced in the metals sector?
Hindalco initiates product innovation by acquiring state-of-the-art equipment, notably leveraging superior presses from Italian company Presizzi in Silvassa. Their R&D targets elevating India’s windows and doors category, collaborating with powder manufacturers for cutting-edge coatings. Focused on enhancing aluminium’s appeal over alternatives, strategic partnerships and client collaboration play a pivotal role in shaping aluminium as the optimal choice for Indian homes.

What cutting-edge developments and innovations can we anticipate from you in the upcoming years?We aim to assist customers by offering creative profile design, size, and range designs. Innovation will be prominent and given substantial importance in low-carbon and recycling sectors. Our third focus is enhancing finishes across the category for greater visual appeal. These three key areas underscore our commitment to providing innovative and visually appealing solutions.

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