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Lucknow Metro sets new standards for sustainable and inclusive transportation.

Lucknow Metro sets new standards for sustainable and inclusive transportation.

The Lucknow metro project is explored in this discussion, along with its designs, architectural layout, and enhanced functionality, all while upholding sustainable principles.

How does the architectural design of the Lucknow metro projects contribute to the overall urban landscape and city aesthetics?
The architectural design of the Lucknow metro has taken into consideration mainly the complementary aesthetics relevant to station locations. Since the Lucknow metro passes through old and new parts of the city, the emphasis has been on ensuring that the modern metro design is minimally invasive, aligns with the heritage, and the station structures themselves are a treat to the eyes, becoming landmark locations. The metro merges with the city’s urban landscape, as during construction, it was ensured that there was minimum disturbance to nearby properties. Station interiors also blend with the local culture through selected artworks as surface treatments.

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Can you elaborate on the design principles that guide the station architecture in ongoing metro projects and how they enhance the user experience?
For metro designs, safety and passenger comfort are the main principles. As designers of public transit structures, we focus on travel times, passenger simulation computations, waiting time scenarios, and ultimate incident preparedness for easy evacuation. Additionally, there are rolling-related dimensions to be followed for platform design based on the crushing load of the train. The designs must comply with the requirements of NFPA and NBC codes.

What innovative design features are being incorporated into Lucknow metro stations to improve functionality and passenger flow?
We used screen walls for sun protection for the comfort of passengers. To reduce pedestrian fatigue, we ensured minimum walking distances from entrances to platforms. Cross flows of passengers in stations have been avoided with dedicated routes and directional signages. Special considerations for Charbagh and Airport stations have been made to facilitate a smooth exchange of passengers from other transport systems with direct connections.

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In the planning of Lucknow metro projects, how are you integrating sustainable and environmentally friendly architectural elements into the design?
All Lucknow metro stations and depots are platinum-rated by IGBC. This achievement was made by complying with green building requirements in terms of energy efficiency, solar integration, water management, daylight savings, and passenger amenities. Customised designs and material selection of architectural surfaces have contributed to the green aspects of the Lucknow metro.

What considerations are taken into account when designing metro infrastructure to ensure accessibility and inclusivity for all passengers?
For inclusivity and accessibility for all passengers, we follow a barrier-free design. Tactile surfaces with braille lettering have been provided to assist divyangjan. Ramps and lifts have been provided for the elderly and people in wheelchairs. The train itself has seats and spaces reserved for divyangjan, elderly people, and ladies. At AFC gates, one bay is specially widened to allow the passage of persons in wheelchairs.

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