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Takara Standard leading sustainable kitchen innovation

Takara Standard leading sustainable kitchen innovation

In this exclusive interview, Toichi Ishiyama explores the company’s origins, cutting-edge technology, dedication to sustainability, and a possible foray into the Indian market.

Can you briefly overview Takara Standard and its journey in the kitchen products industry?
Takara Standard started out manufacturing HORO enamel 111 years ago, then, in 1967, we brought to market the world’s first HORO enamel kitchen sink. Now, we boast the biggest share of kitchen product sales in Japan.

Can you share some insights into the innovation process behind developing your unique kitchen products?
We are the world’s only manufacturer of built-in kitchens made with HORO enamel. We manufacture HORO products at our own three factories in Japan. We’ve honed our technology in things like our original steel plating development and glaze research for 111 years, and we’re proud to say our technologies are unrivalled.

How does the choice of materials contribute to the durability and performance of the products?
Our HORO combines the strength of iron and the beauty of glass. The iron base is robust, while the glass surface prevents dirt and scratches, meaning it’s long-lasting. Thanks to how tightly attached the steel and the glass are, it overcomes that weak point with the glass’ vulnerability.

How does Takara Standard incorporate sustainability into its product development and manufacturing processes?
HORO enamel lasts longer than other materials, and because we use steel and glass, it’s all recyclable. We don’t use adhesives during assembly either, so the materials don’t emit harmful substances like formaldehyde, which can cause sick-building syndrome.

Can you provide insights into Takara Standard’s global presence and any plans for expanding into new markets?
We’ve got our sights on achieving 10 billion JPY (approx. 69.9 million USD) by 2030, and part of that strategy is a potential move into the Indian market, which will be an addition to Taiwan, China, and Vietnam, markets on which we are currently focusing. The Indian market, with its diversity and expected economic growth, is a desirable proposition for Takara standard.

For more details visit: https://www.takara-standard.co.jp/global/eng/


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