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IKEA hosts IKEA ICONIC 80 years of home furnishings legacy in Mumbai

IKEA hosts IKEA ICONIC 80 years of home furnishings legacy in Mumbai

IKEA completed 80 years globally and 5 years of retail success in India; announces limited edition, 80th-year special collection Nytillverkad.

To celebrate 80 years of global design heritage and innovation, IKEA hosted “IKEA ICONIC”, an event in Mumbai to showcase their all-time iconic home furnishing products and the launch of a limited edition, a special collection made for the 80th year anniversary called “Nytillverkard”. This special collection pays tribute to classic IKEA designs reviving iconic IKEA products with modern twists, vibrant colours, and improved materials.

In recent years, time-honoured pieces that have been reimagined and revived in new designs and colours have become increasingly popular as statement pieces in modern Indian homes – seamlessly blending nostalgia with modern aesthetics. The collection reflects this trend, as IKEA returns to its roots with a contemporary twist.

The Nytillverkard collection, which means ‘newly made’ in Swedish, honours IKEA’s design journey of the past 80 years. Each piece is infused with a fresh and modern perspective, making them truly timeless. The collection features a range of classic furniture, bedding, and accessories all enriched in vibrant, dynamic tones. The products have also been updated to improve their quality and sustainability features, meeting the distinctive choices of the next generation. IKEA’s suppliers in India have actively contributed to this global collection, taking made-in-India products to many consumers across the globe such as the TUVKORNELL candle holder, DOMSTEN stool, and KULTURSKOG plant stand.

Erik-Jan Middelhoven, the Country Home Furnishings, and Retail Design Manager, expressed the essence of the collection during its launch, saying, “IKEA ICONIC is a celebration of our range and products that people remember us for and that have impacted the lives of many people in India and across the globe. This year, we relooked into the past with an aim to assemble the future with our customers and opened our treasure chest to relaunch our iconic products from the years in a beautiful 80-year special collection, Nytillverkad. We’ve designed many functional and beautiful home furnishing products during the last 80 years, and it’s only natural that we get curious about our achievements in the past. With Nytillverkad, we are returning to the future, again. In multiple launches across the year, we will release a series of carefully selected products from our design archive, updated to match the bold outlook of the next generation.”

The products of IKEA on display at the IKEA ICONIC event included some of the beloved IKEA products that are not only iconic globally but even for people in India who have made these products a part of their everyday life at home. The POÄNG armchair, the KLIPPAN sofa, the LACK side table, and the BILLY bookcase have been brought by millions of customers in the last 5 years. From the Nytillverkard collection, the products on display included the BONDSKÄRET coat stand, the DOMSTEN stool, and the LÖVBACKEN side table, all reimagined iconic products with a modern outlook for the future.

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