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Innovative water solutions to decorate your home

“Planning your pool begins with your vision of outdoor space,” explains Vivek Mishra, MD, Premium Pools Homes are being designed in more innovative ways than one.
People are looking to bring in the five elements into balance and make it a blissful experience that is not only beautiful to look at and wonderful to spend time in, but actually has a positive effect on the health and well-being of the inhabitants.
Water body near the house or business premises is a good placement because it keeps the energy flowing and prevents it from being “locked”. Its real essence speaks of movement and the flow of life. It invites everyone to move and bend and not to stay rigid or to struggle. Moving and flowing water can encourage those who come into contact with it to accept continual change and not to struggle unnecessarily in the life. Flowing water can ease tensions and allow the vibrations of the life force to enter us and nourish our aura.
One can represent the water element in the northeast by adding a fountain or a pool so this beneficial energy is reflected throughout. This is an ideal stress buster and it enhances the aesthetics too.
If you have space and want to strike the right balance, then building a pool is a good option, from the point of vastu. A pool with latest features is a great choice to bring in freshness to the outdoor living space. If done right, it can be the highlight of the entire home.
Vivek Mishra, MD, Premium Pools, a leading design and construction company says, “Planning your pool begins with your vision of outdoor space. We believe that the possibilities are endless provided the right pool builder is involved at the onset. Gone are the days, when people desire for simple water bodies, now even in pools people are looking for hydrotherapy system along with spa lounges, other than the good-old Jacuzzis that have already been there.”
The demand for feature-rich swimming pools has increased. The swimming pools accommodates a state-of-the-art 4-bed hydrotherapy lounge, where high pressure air nozzles have been anthropometrically placed to give proper massage to calf, thigh, upper and lower back of the human body. Meticulous selection of lighting has transformed this section of the pool into a therapeutic environment.
If you don’t have a space to build the pool, don’t get disheartened, one can opt for water curtains.There has been an increase in demand for water curtains. In order to decorate the room as well as to hear the soothing sound of water, water curtains are added. They feature as spectacular elements in a living space, not only serving as the focal point of the room but also as a demarcating element for two distinctive sections of the living space.
Water curtains essentially feature as thin strips of water in a designated space, lending the opaqueness of glass and hence lend privacy to the space they are shielding. They can be created by using strings that lend the visual effect of rain. Alternatively they can also flow on exquisitely crafted glass or non-corrosive link chains.
Water curtains need not feature only as demarcating elements between twin sections of a space but can also manifest as a decorative element in an interior as well as at the entrance to the lobby or in a courtyard. Such a feature offers immense options with creative representation alone being the limit.
For instance, an interior incorporating a courtyard or a sky-lit space can have a water curtain acting as the demarcating wall with attractive wooden seating around it.
The water curtain can also flow into a small water body in the courtyard. This combined with appropriate lighting, stone elements and greenery would not only serve to be rejuvenating but also appear spectacular at night. They can likewise also be featured on a wall in the living area and its beauty can be further enhanced by stone cladding this wall. If featured on pillars, glass windows or incorporated with different effects and patterns to lend novelty.
In the outdoor space, water curtains can feature in a large porch at the entrance, lending a dramatic effect. They could also be teamed up with a shallow pool and pergolas with creepers and stone art to lend a very Victorian feel to a grand entrance.
They also serve as spectacular decorative elements in a large patio or a terrace garden. Here again instead of incorporating a conventional water body involving a cascade or a fountain, a spectacular water curtain complete with exotic lighting can be installed to completely alter the ambience of the space.


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