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Join Facility World 2018 on Dec 11

Join Facility World 2018 on Dec 11

You could spend all your day (week, month, year) looking for your issues on the web. Or on the other hand from a companion, partner who doesn’t think about it. But trust us going to gatherings and conferences are far more powerful. The one-stop solution for every one of your issues. The decision is yours. UBS Forums brings you an exclusive life-changing business session on “Facility World”

Effective facility management leads to sustainable and better working environment for employees, customer experience and seamless business performance.
Join Facility World 2018 along with leaders to learn and benchmark the best practices with latest trends and technologies, as Facility leaders need to deal with complex operational issues, emergency preparedness, effective vendor management and workforce management with use of latest technology, automation and best practices still adding value and profit to the organisation.

Get yourself registered now: http://facilityworld.in/register.html


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