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Lighting solutions for modern rail

Lighting solutions for modern rail

Smart lighting solutions for metro stations cater to real-time updates on lighting system and operations.

The various facilities at metro railway stations entail meeting especially demanding criteria of security, safety, communication, HVAC and energy. Connected lighting systems enable fault detection and pave way for proactive and quicker system maintenance of the in-station and metro premises streetlights.

Contribution in the space of lighting in metros

K-Lite’s contribution in lighting of metro coaches
Sharmila Kumbhat, Director-Market Development, K-Lite Industries, says, “Four location nearer to ICF in Chennai gave us an opportunity to participate in all developmental works, pertaining to lighting in coach design, develop prototypes, get them tested and also meet the challenging requirements of RDSO specifications.”

He adds, “When Bharat Earth Movers Limited or Bangalore undertook the coach manufacturing works, the coach lighting requirements of Delhi metro coaches was entrusted to K-Lite only. Saloon lights for metro coaches have been supplied by K-Lite for Delhi metro, Sri Lankan metro, Bangalore metro, Jaipur metro and Kolkata metro. We have also successfully converted FTL lighting to LED lighting for Chennai metro.”

Wipro’s experience in metro line
Wipro Lighting’s rich experience in metro line includes projects like Delhi metro lines. Anuj Dhir, Vice-President and Business Head, Wipro Lighting says, “We have successfully completed lighting installations at more than 120 metro stations, multiple depots and other related areas.”

SYSKA’s innovative solutions
SYSKA is a brand that always has innovation at its forefront and has launched innovative lightings in the market. SYSKA has launched products like SYSKA Lumistar (120 lumens per watt bulbs), SYSKA Dualight (bulb with two colour temperatures), SYSKA Tritone (products with three levels of brightness), SYSKA Smart WiFi bulbs (compatible with Amazon Echo) and will keep bringing new and innovative products to cater to the needs of the consumers. Gurumukh Uttamchandani, Executive Director, SYSKA Group, informs, “A lot of innovation happening in the LED space and with the advent of technology; LED lighting segment is set to witness a manifold of innovations.”

Latest offerings

LED luminaires for coach lighting
“Development of LED luminaire conforming to RDSO specifications for saloon light of Kolkata metro coaches manufactured by ICF and development of other LED luminaires for coach lighting etc., are the latest offerings from K-Lite” says Kumbhat. He adds, “In Kolkata metro, we developed TL fittings way back in year 1984.”

Wipro’s Xline LED Pro
Platform lighting requirements include end-to-end connectivity, linear lighting, high-performance and ready-to-install products. Dhir says, “Wipro’s XlineLED Pro, a factory fitted, ready to install lighting system comprising of a trunk and a luminaire is our best fit solution to such requirements. Innovative design and quick to install in continuous rows of light make the product user-friendly. Its modularity and easy adaptability makes lighting in metro stations more dynamic and productive.”

Ticketing level and escalator lighting needs better light diffusion, high-efficacy and easy to mount fixtures. Wipro’s Aura Plus has CRCA white powder coated housing with CRCA cover, high efficiency translucence (HET) diffuser for better light diffusion, uses high-efficacy and long life LEDs for better light output. The product is easy to mount with suspension kit and has an electronic driver duly wired up to the terminal block.

Alpha LED Flood light
Escalators require enhanced Illumination, high-performance and energy savings. Wipro’s Alpha LED Flood light is energy efficient and save power consumption and at the same time is elegant, architectural, and modern in design and virtually maintenance free. It has specially designed PMMA optical lenses, ensures better light distribution and the best fit for escalator lighting requirement.

Concourse level lighting requires uniform light output, high-efficacy and energy savings Wipro’s Immaculate Trimless with a trimless bottom frame design for excellent illumination, high-efficiency transclucent (HET) diffuser for soothing and uniform lighting makes for an elegant solution for this requirement. High-efficiency LEDs provide maximum light output without compromising on quality of light, leading to more than 50 per cent energy savings.

Dhir adds, “Our lighting solutions for metro outdoor premises – Skyline LED streetlights and Urbano Pathway Luminaires.”

SYSKA Smart Table Lamp and SYSKA Smart Bulb
The company has recently launched SYSKA Smartlight range which includes SYSKA Smart Bulb and SYSKA Smart Table Lamp which are compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Uttamchandani says, “SYSKA Smart Table Lamp has a long lasting life (up to 30,000 hours) and also has different colour temperature. One of the benefit of this product is that it consumes low energy = 90 per cent energy saving and is eco-friendly and non-toxic.”

Features of SYSKA Smart Table Lamp
• Three stages dimmable – SYSKA Smart Table Lamp comes with three stages of brightness which can be adjusted according to the requirement and mood. One can easily adjust the brightness levels with the touch of a button to suit the lighting needs.
• Feather touch control – SYSKA Smart Table Lamp comes with feather touch controls to switch it on/off, control its colour temperature, and its dimness (brightness) for a seamless experience.
• Hands-free control with Alexa–One can effortlessly control the SYSKA Smart Table Lamp using voice commands to the Amazon Alexa.
• Mood setting – The two mood setting in SYSKA Smart Table Lamp allows fixing lighting requirements between reading and night.
• Flexible body – SYSKA’s Smart LED Table Lamp has been designed ergonomically as well as flexible to use.

Features of SYSKA Smart Bulb
• SYSKA smart bulb connects to Wi-Fi and helps control every aspect of lighting from smartphone or tablet.
• It helps in setting the light of home as desired, from wherever he/she is. For instance, if one forgets to switch off some lights while rushing to work, he/she can even do so from the office via mobile device.
• One can even switch on some lights (maybe those in the passage or porch) while getting closer to home from their vehicle. In addition to using voice commands, users can also download the SYSKA Smart Home app to control the lights.
• The app gives an option to choose shade of light from a spectrum of 3 million colours. One can also set alarms of switching on and switching off lights, to create his/her own pre-formatted lighting theme SYSKA smart lights gives an array of options to set the mood of home as required.

Uttamchandani adds, “We have also launched products like emergency bulb and emergency lantern which are eco-friendly and have dual use.”

Unique lighting solutions

Quality par excellence
Kumbhat states, “Even though we develop and manufacture the luminaires conforming to RDSO specification, we have contributed on many occasions for some improvements on the basis of our experience and feedback during usage by railways. Quality par excellence is our uniqueness in lighting solutions.”

Innovation and design – Wipro
The company believes in solution-based approach and customisation according to the customer requirement to benefit the buyers and users, enhancing passenger experience. Energy efficient lighting solutions, cutting-edge LED Edge Technology, use of energy optimisation techniques like lighting controls, and the smart and connected lighting solutions based on Internet of Lighting (IoL) TM platform, make company’s solutions unique.

Believing in the motto of “Energy saved is energy generated”, the company promote development of sustainable eco-friendly infrastructure by leveraging of experience and expertise to design eco-friendly spaces. Dhir says,“Innovation and design has always been a way of life at Wipro, and we put this to work by providing for green lighting solutions by promoting use of advanced LED technology use of energy optimisation techniques like lighting controls and reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy.”

Dimming lights saves you energy and helps LEDs last longer. Lighting controls like presence detection sensors help in detecting absence of human traffic in non-rush hours and dimming the luminaires to a preset minimum level light output. Also, we make use of photocell sensors to regulate luminaire light output as per the daylight intensity at the metro stations. These techniques go a long way in enhancing energy and cost savings, increasing life of the luminaires, automated detection and action and remote access and control.

Dhir adds, “Based on our Internet of Lighting (IoL)TM platforms, our smart and connected lighting solutions for railway stations cater to real-time updates on lighting system status and operations, enable performance tracking in stations, use historical data and analysis to gain insights and improve operations at the metro stations. They also report heat maps and analysis of occupancy data allowing for effective space and asset utilisation at the stations.”

Alert and alarms from the connected lighting system enhance safety and security typically important for platform lighting. Remote point-to-point lighting control optimises management of the in-station as well as the lighting on the metro premises. Connected lighting systems enables fault detection and pave way for proactive and quicker system maintenance of the in-station and metro premises streetlights.

Eco-friendly LED lighting solutions
SYSKA LED majorly focuses on the business of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights for commercial, household and industrial use. Uttamchandani says, “At SYSKA LED we have an extremely focused mission: The creation of a sustainable environment by promoting and accelerating the adoption of energy-efficient and environment ­ friendly lighting solutions. We offer a vast range of specialised greenfield eco-friendly LED lighting solutions. These lights consume 70 – 80 per cent less power than CFLs. They provide excellent intensity, uniform light distribution, high-efficiency and strong ROI.”

Most commonly used lighting solutions in metro projects

Precise and functional
Dhir adds, “Lighting performs a dual task while illuminating, especially in busy places like metro stations. It has to be precise and functional, along with creating impressive environments. On platforms, focuses on passenger on/off boarding. This area must be uniformly lit under all circumstances for passenger safety and security.”

He adds, “Ticketing area should be well-illuminated to facilitate ease of transactions across all age-groups. Escalators are more prone to accidents. Lighting at the escalators should take care of passengers’ safety and safe transit. Concourse area in a metro station facilitates free movements of passengers along with their luggage. This area should be properly lit to enable safe transit.”

Government initiative
In order to adopt yet another eco-friendly measure, installing energy efficient LED lighting at all metro stations which will result in the consuming 40 per cent less energy and saving a huge amount of money annually. The government is taking necessary steps to help in power consumption and Ministry of Railways has decided to make all railway stations 100 per cent LED lit by the end of current financial year by March 31st, 2018. Uttamchandani says, “It is a huge initiative to provide energy efficient lighting which will eventually greatly help in the conservation of environment as well.”

Quality par excellence is our uniqueness in lighting solutions.
Sharmila Kumbhat, Director-Market Development, K-Lite Industries

Innovation and design has always been a way of life at Wipro.
Anuj Dhir, Vice-President & Business Head, Wipro Lighting

We offer a vast range of specialised greenfield eco-friendly LED lighting solutions.
Gurumukh Uttamchandani, Executive Director, SYSKA Group


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