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Pangulf revolutionises precast design with a precision-driven approach

Pangulf revolutionises precast design with a precision-driven approach

Pangulf is a trailblazer with 24 years of global expertise in the dynamic realm of precast design and detailing. We delve into their unparalleled approach, cutting-edge technologies, and commitment to efficiency, which set them apart in the industry.

Can you explain the key aspects of your precast design and detailing services?

With 24 years of global expertise, Pangulf is a leading precast design and detailing player. Our approach combines vast experience, a skilled team, advanced tools, and a commitment to technology. We excel in diverse residential, industrial, and commercial projects covering elements like beams, columns, and slabs. Prioritising error-free drawings, we employ a stringent quality check process, ensuring consistency with production standards. Our success relies on tailored team structures featuring skilled professionals. Clients choose us for high accuracy, cost-effectiveness, minimal coordination issues, and a dedicated approach, ensuring smooth, precise outcomes in every project.

What software tools and technologies do you utilise for precast design and detailing?

Our precast expertise is fueled by cutting-edge tools such as Tekla Structures, ALLPLAN, Revit Structure, and AutoCAD. Using Tekla Structures and ALLPLAN’s BIM capabilities, our team effortlessly ensures precision in diverse precast elements, streamlining shop drawing generation. Tekla’s flexibility allows us to utilise pre-configured components and create company-specific standards without programming. ALLPLAN offers a fully automated design module for various precast elements. Pangulf leverages STAAD PRO, Tekla Tedds, RsligR, and Autodesk Robot Structural Software in structural analysis and design. These tools enhance efficiency, automate calculations, and ensure structural integrity, enabling us to deliver precise precast designs with minimised errors and streamlined workflows.

Can you describe the modelling solutions you offer to forecasters? 

The company’s commitment to efficiency is evident in its dedicated automation team of API developers, constantly developing customised workflows for repetitive tasks on demand and customising the tools for better efficiency. For one of our clients, we designed a custom tab in Tekla to streamline the modelling process for lattice slabs and twin wall precast elements. This includes structural IFC element conversion to precast geometry, unit elementation based on factory bed size, thickness design, girder and mesh modelling, chamfer configuration, lifter and propping fixture insertion and edge reinforcement. These customisations significantly improve overall efficiency and streamline the modelling operation.

With the rapid evolution of technology, how does your company stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in precast design, detailing, and modelling solutions?

Pangulf prioritises continuous learning and staying abreast of technological advancements and software updates. We invest in employee training, encourage attendance at conferences and BIM software webinars about advancement and provide access to online courses as per demands. Full internet access for research and learning further ensures our team remains at the forefront of the latest developments in precast design, detailing, and modelling solutions.

For more info visit : https://pangulftech.com/


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