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Pragyan ‘23 Fest to be held between 23-26th March

Pragyan ‘23 Fest to be held between 23-26th March

Pragyan has long reigned as the premier techno-managerial fest of India and has, over the years, prided itself on its reputation as being an ISO 9001 and 20121 certified annual fest of NIT Trichy. The combination of fun events, inspiring workshops, and entertaining pro-shows offers a reprieve from the mundane while offering exciting opportunities to technology and management enthusiasts alike. 

The road to Pragyan ’23 has been endowed with glorious events and initiatives like never before. The annual Sangam Hardware Hackathon was announced along with the Ingenium exhibition. An exclusive set of events under the title of Inhotts was also held between January 21st to 30th so that the younglings of NIT Trichy can integrate themselves into the multiverse of technological innovation. 

Pragyan has remained steadfast in its dream to expose students to the world of technology from a very young age. The Young Techie 3.0 and Techids were steps in that direction that sought to provide schoolchildren the opportunity to contribute to the realm of innovation. 

With much anticipation and bated breaths across the country, the stage is set for Pragyan ’23, which is scheduled to be held from the 23rd to the 26th of March. This year’s Pragyan will feature events such as Jalyan, Quad Combat, and RoboWars that will test the participants through a trial of innovation. Furthermore, event clusters of the likes of Concreate, ByteHoc, and Manigma are conceived with the intent of having something of interest to just about anyone.

Pragyan ’23 has also partnered with ACE Updates, their Architectural Magazine partner, to make the visions of Concreate a tangible reality. So, be sure to catch Pragyan ‘23 at NIT Trichy, where people come to celebrate technology and stay for the festivities.

For more details: https://pragyan.org/22/home/events/


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