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Prime: Your preferred partner for steel buildings

Prime: Your preferred partner for steel buildings

Steel is the material of choice for construction because of its inherent ductility and flexibility. Structural steels strength, durability, design flexibility, adaptability and recyclability continue to make it the material of choice in building construction. Today’s structural steel framing is bringing grace, art and function together in almost limitless ways and is offering new solutions and opportunities to create challenging structures, which were once thought impossible.

Prime Group is one of the most successful companies in offering steel buildings. It offers the most comprehensive PEB steel building with application in major market segments including industrial buildings, commercial, high rise buildings, hospitals, educational institutions, hotels and residential buildings etc.

Prime Group is led by its Chairman, Er. Joseph Mathew Sankurikal having an experience of over 30 years in this field. The company maintains a strong reputation for delivering customer satisfied design and cost-effective solutions for steel buildings that are manufactured to international standards and followed up with top-class service.

Prime Group manufactures insulated panels and all types of roofing sheets, deep profile mezzanine deck, curved sheet, Z-purlin, C-channel. It has full range of accessories including skylight, polycarbonate sheet, high tensile bolts, screws, turbo fans, louvers, windows and sliding doors.

Prime has spread its sales network and have an extensive presence all over India, Middle East and Africa. Using the latest technology, insulated panels roofing sheet with high-quality and on-time delivery, Prime has become one of the leading roofing sheet manufacturers in the segment in Kerala. PUF panel is produced for roofing sheet from 20 mm to 75 mm and cold room panels from 50 mm to 200 mm. Prime has six different profiles including double lock, multi-rib, high rib, Mangalore tile and Bravo tile profiles.

Prime has launched its patented product Aquaproof for roofing which is a complete environment friendly and waterproof. It is made with alu-zinc having thickness from 0.4 mm – 0.9 mm, with an alloy of Al and Zn (Alu-Zinc) with a minimum alloy coating of 150 gm/sqm. Top coating is of minimum 20 microns available in PVDF and RMP, in different colours. Bottom is coated with 8 microns. Non-exposed screws are the main attraction in Aquaproof sheet.

Aquaproof Sandwich Panels
Fixing of caps in alternate ribs makes roofing sheets last for years without leakage. Aquaproof sheets equipped with insulated panels are available. Polyurethane foams sandwiched between two metal sheets is used for manufacturing of insulated panels. It is available from 20 mm to 75 mm thick. It provides a cost-effective solution for excellent thermal insulation in steel building for energy conservation.

Solar panels
Solar panels can be equipped without any leakage in Aquaproof sheet. Solar clamps can be fixed above Aquaproof sheet without any further drilling holes. After installation of solar panels Aquaproof continue to be 100 per cent leak proof.

For more details, visit www.primeroofingsolutions.com


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