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Proflex Roofs are watertight, rustfree and maintenance-free

Proflex Roofs are watertight, rustfree and maintenance-free

They have been tested to withstand severe weather conditions including typhoons, earthquakes, heavy winds and rainfall says Mayur Patel, CEO, Proflex – A division of M&B Engineering Ltd.

What are the different types of roofing solutions offered by you and its advantages?
Proflex is a pioneer of Self Supported Steel Roofing in India. Self Supported Roof is typically arch-shaped, trussless roofing that does not have purlins and is well supported by its design. A wide variety of heights and structures can be achieved leveraging the product.

The roof can be half arch, semi arch and installed on elevated and symmetrical structures and also used to make ground-to ground buildings. Various roofing structures like perpendicular buildings, varying arch rises for north light, four-side open sheds, etc. can be built up to 25 meters height. Apart from this, Proflex also offers roofing with add-ons like false ceiling, different types of ventilation and sky lighting system, ducting and insulation.

Since the corrugated metal roofing panels are put together by seaming process, there is zero chance of leakage. Additionally, this Roofing Solutions require zero maintenance. It does not develop cracks, has minimum wear and tear and is most suitable for extreme environmental conditions. The biggest advantage being zero bird nuisance.

How do you select an appropriate roofing solution for a project?
At Proflex, we aim to address customer’s pain points and develop innovative solutions that would provide apt resolutions. We begin each project by gaining a complete understating of the client’s requirement. A roofing solution is only suggested after analysing the place and the possibilities. A lot depends on the type of industry we are working for, the location, movable space available, wind and weather conditions.

We also never shy away from challenging projects; in fact we embrace them as they give us an opportunity to innovate. For example, when a lifestyle club approached us to create a roofing solution for the various recreational facilities, we faced a major challenge to create a roof for their banquet hall. But that’s when we thought out of the box and created a parabolic shaped roof.

Similarly, when we had to install a roof at the railway station in Matheran, we not only had to deal with continuous movement of train and tourists, but also find a suitable placement for machine setup as the station was located between a hill and a steep valley. With very little space around the railway Station, it was a huge challenge to set up roofing machines and crane for installation of roofing panels that are made in on-site operations with our American machines. The nearest flat area available for fabrication of panels was about 5 kms down the hill. We ensured that the panels were carefully transported and installed during the night. Although the entire project was labour intensive and required detailed attention, we completed it on time and proficiently.

How new techniques and innovations have brought about changes in roofing?
We were the first to introduce ‘Self Supported Steel Roofing’, a revolutionary roofing concept from America 19 years ago and since then we have continued to introduce newer techniques and provided innovative solutions on a continuous basis. We have always taken the lead in providing versatile solutions to industries, and that has helped many in different ways. Our innovative technology facilitates on-site panel forming and installation, therefore giving an incredible installation speed of around 2,000 sq. metres in just 12 hours. Flexibility and enhanced efficiency combined with superior workmanship ensures faster project turnaround and timely delivery. It is because of our state-of-the-art American technology that we have been able to successfully install 10,000 sq. metres of roofing in just four days in a project where speed of installation was the essence. We have a roofing capacity of 15 lakh sq. metres per annum and a proven track record of successfully delivering challenging jobs.

If we talk about newer techniques, we have developed solution to problem of closing ‘Gable ends’ in arched roofs with our panels in a way that eliminates gaps and places for dust settlement and bird nuisance, a major area of customers’ concern when trusses and purlins are used to close them. We managed to curb this problem by smooth and flat finish achieved with inside surface of our panels.

What are the new trends emerging in roofing over the last 10-15 years?
I believe that ‘steel buildings’ is one of the emerging trends. Proflex recently launched a first-of-its-kind steel building solution in India – Proflex Steel Buildings (PSB). This novel technology has a high speed and low cost manufacturing ability. We are known for introducing innovative products and once again with Proflex Steel Buildings (PSB) we are set to disrupt the way steel buildings are being built today in our country.

These buildings are made using American technology and are 100 per cent leak proof, aesthetically appealing, flexible and versatile. The technology minimizes site construction activities to a great extent and is by far the fastest steel building making technology available in the Country.

Proflex Steel Buildings are watertight and rust-free, making them virtually maintenance free. They have been tested to withstand severe weather conditions including typhoons, earthquakes, heavy winds and rainfall.

Time is money and it couldn’t be more apt than for industries, be food processing or manufacturing or railways. Everyone is looking for a solution that is both durable and quick to construct. And if this solution is cost effective, there couldn’t be anything better. Hence, the trend also is shifting towards finding convenient, durable, time-saving and cost-effective solutions for building roofs and structures. Proflex Roofing and Steel buildings addresses these issues quite effectively.


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