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Quality control is an integral part of our process

Quality control is an integral part of our process

Mr. Hardik Parekh Vice President speaks on How the company strives to provide the best in class services to its customers with a deep rooted and customer-centric approach.

What are your key strengths and core values that have made you one of the premium brands in the paint industry?

At GPPL, we are firm believers in long-term business relationships and longevity. This can be accomplished only if the quality is best and value additions are provided to the clients. Our company strives to provide the best-in-class services to its customers with a deep-rooted, customer-centric approach. The services and products are delivered according to the customer’s requirements. Upon establishing a relationship with a customer, the company becomes an integral part of their team, learning its requirements in detail. A strategy is devised and implemented by Godavri’s team to provide them with no less than the best in terms of services, technical expertise within a stipulated time frame, various value additions, customized solutions, etc.

Furthermore, these products come with performance warranties ranging from 3 to more than 15 years, making them the epitome of undisputed paint quality. In this way, Godavari Paints offers its diverse range of services and products to customers in all sectors. “Being a lean organization with a strong focus on the B2B segment, we assure our customers to provide all our products at an affordable price with utmost value”.

While choosing the right paint for your space, what are some critical factors to consider?

Today, there are way too many options for the end user to choose from in the paint industry or the paint spaces. However, the key points or factors that one must consider while selecting any paint are:
• Budget

• Final Look and aesthetics of the finish product

• Ease in maintenance post application

• Eco Friendliness of the product selected

• The UV stability of the shades and ease of availability/application for future use.

One should consider these factors because in today’s market, customers get confused and spend more than the product’s value.

How do Godavri Paints manage to maintain quality and deliver at scale?

With a rich legacy of over five decades, GPPL is an ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018, and ISO 14001: 2015 certified paint manufacturer. With its wide range of coatings, Godavari Paints not only beautifies the four walls but makes them come alive with a variety of products ranging from ‘Pearl’ (Acrylic Paint), ‘Pearl’ Max (Elastomeric Paint), ‘Pearl’ Ultima (Advanced Anti Algae) to ‘Inspira’ Duraplast Texture and many more.

More than 10,000 vibrant colours are offered by the company, all of which are durable, eco-friendly and offer premium protection. GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) Council has approved and registered the company and its products under the following categories:GRIHA v.3 criterion: 5 & 11; GRIHA V.2015 criterion: 3,4 & 8 & SVAGRIHA criterion: 2 & 5.

At the backend, the company owns a fully-fledged manufacturing facility at Vadodara, Gujarat, which can produce
more than 12,000 metric tonnes of paint per year, along with a research and development facility for continually working on quality control and new developments. They work together to create magic for their customers as a workforce of 300–400 on-site employees and 80+ office staff. This fully equipped plant ensures the quality of all products, from raw materials to finished products, by undergoing stringent quality supervision.

To keep up with today’s technological advancements, the company makes every internal and external process and product an innovative effort. Its approach towards innovation has led to the creation of the finest products available at competitive prices to customers.

Please shed some light on your latest product portfolio. In 1960, we were a single-product company, but today we offer over 60+ products for our customers, all developed in-house and meeting international standards. The performance warranties we offer cover all our products. They have stood the test of time in the harsh climatic conditions of the country on several mega projects all over the country that have not been recoated for more than 14-15 years.

In addition, we offer a niche range of high-quality lacquers and clear coats/waterproofing primers. However, product development is a continuous affair at our company. Having a strong R&D base and a very niche approach to the market, we also make specification paints for our clients, if required, to meet their specific project requirements, which then keeps on adding to our portfolio.




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