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Rachana uPVC doors and windows: A smart choice

Rachana uPVC doors and windows: A smart choice

uPVC – A non toxic material
Whenever you design the interior of your home it is necessary to ensure you use non-toxic material. The material you use should be environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. uPVC is one of the oldest time tested non –toxic polymer which has been successfully utilised in construction, heavy industries, and transportation.

uPVC- Easy to maintain
Whatever material you use for your interior décor make sure it is easy to maintain. High-quality uPVC doors and windows are very easy to handle and maintain. Unlike other aluminum doors and windows, they do not need any sealing and painting. They are easy to clean and the window frames require less time to maintain. They provide ultraviolet resistance and do not fade due to any pollution, humidity, and heat.

uPVC- Energy efficient and fire resistant
The insulation property of uPVC doors and windows makes them a great choice. It allows your home to stay cool in summers and warm in winters. The draft proofing and quality insulation will keep a moderate temperature. Good news – it will also help you save electricity bills and reduce carbon footprint. Moreover one of the great benefits of uPVC windows and doors is they are highly resistant to fire and they do not catch fire easily.

uPVC- Higher security
uPVC doors and windows contain galvanized steel hence it is very hard to break down. Thus, uPVC doors and windows provide you with a high level of security. You can now feel safer than ever before.

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