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Ramco Cements partners with government to fight Covid-19

Ramco Cements partners with government to fight Covid-19

The company is mobilising and distributing high-value medical equipment and protective gear by working alongside district collectors, police, public health departments and panchayats to tackle coronavirus pandemic.

The Ramco Cements Limited has been at the forefront of CSR for several decades now. The recent outbreak of coronavirus made the company proactively partner with government administrations in the fight against the Covid-19 in its operating states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Karnataka, West Bengal and Odisha. For example, in Tamil Nadu and Odisha; Ramco cements is mobilising and distributing high-value medical equipment ranging from oxygen concentrators to sophisticated protective gear and basic amenities such as water, shelter and food, by working alongside District Collectors, Police, Public Health Departments and Panchayats.

Measures taken in factory to fight Covid-19:
In all our factories to ensure the highest degree of safety and health for our associates, the following measures were in place since the beginning of March till the lock-down was announced.

  • All vehicles leaving the factory were disinfected and the drivers were checked for body temperature and other symptoms of coronavirus and provided medical certificate by the doctor at factory exit for their safe passage. Also, every vehicle coming into our factories was disinfected thoroughly.
  • Every worker entering the factory was checked and certified that the person was free from symptoms of the virus. The company also provided 30,000 number of face masks and soap were to all workmen.

Safety of villagers and rationing of food:

The safety of the villagers surrounding our plants has always been of utmost importance to us. They have been provided medical attention by our teams of doctors and paramedics. We had water tankers spray medicines in the villages surrounding the plants and mines to disinfect them and to ensure the safety of the villagers. Over 6,000 migrant labourers including those who are not on direct contract with the company have been provided food, shelter and medical attention.

The clearing and forwarding agents have also been provided the same amenities. The Ramco Cements has also helped with arranging groceries and vegetables to the labour sheds for the migrant contract workmen and their families. The migrant labourers from West Bengal and Karnataka are provided cash allowances on daily basis and food arrangements are done for doctors and paramedics.

The company has set up isolation centres at Kadukur and Thamaraikulam (200 kms from Madurai) in Tamil Nadu and near our plant at Haridaspur in Odisha. The district collectorates, offices of sps, panchayats and public health department have been provided steel cots, beds, bedspreads and pillows for the needy, provisions for public feeding in the surrounding villages, provisions for feeding inter-state workers in the contract labour colonies, infra thermal scanner (hand held gun), three-layer face masks, PPEs (Full body protection kit), sanitizers, awareness flex boards, posters and pamphlets.

Also, the procurement process of medical equipment for various state agencies costing over Rs 3 crore is in progress and the equipment are expected to reach the state agencies within the next three days.

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