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Refined Functionality Coupled With Thoughtful Space Planning

Refined Functionality Coupled With Thoughtful Space Planning

Ritu Gupta speaks on how a thoughtful space planning with a blend of materials like wood stone and glass etc.

Beauty is often defined in terms of how pleasing it is to your senses, especially sight. How do you reconcile aesthetics with functionality?
By designing multi-functional spaces as they give rise to areas that still retain their purposes while increasing aproperty’s aesthetic value. After the pandemic, the multi-functional role that a home has been playing has led to the rise of flexibility in residence design that includes the daily needs of small office space, grocery, laundry, daycare, etc. The mixed-use typology may also take centre stage rather than standalone residential complexes to allow the different typologies to function and operate independently yet ensure proximity and take care of both aesthetics and functionality.

Detailed design is all about size, shape, material and tolerances. How do you think furniture plays a vital role in interiors?
From design and build to interior decoration, and finishing touches, thoughtful space planning, excellent architecture, refined aesthetics, and suitable furniture are the hallmarks of richly crafted residential projects. One can elevate the benchmark for luxury interiors with a holistic approach to combining timeless furniture with contemporary ethos reflective of global aesthetics.

Creating comfort is the purpose of interior design; what would you consider a “good” design to be?
We feel the latest trend in interiors is a bold and stylish look combining a mix of materials. While glass has been a popular material for the past few years, today, we see a clever blend of materials that lend a dynamic look to the interiors. Glass, stones, wood, laminates, metal, steel, etc., combined in charming styles, can result in attractive facades. Today Living in Homes with working space is a requirement. Even inviting people to home instead of outdoors is a trend. Our spaces are not limited to the bedroom and living rooms; instead, yoga spaces, study rooms, open ventilated spaces and green areas are planned in the interiors and architectures of Pramod Homes.

Another critical design feature that is being used to add drama to interiors is the intelligent use of lights – they transform the look of any façade. Especially, grazer and wall recessed lights allow you to create interesting wash-over effects and a play of light and shadows on the façades. Today, greenery is a big part of both interior and exterior design. So we bought a collection of potted plants with an architectural structure to add vibrancy to the urbanscape.

In light of all the complexities and needs of modern kitchens, what should they look like?

Large or double-height window panes or cabinets with laminate panelling or painted surfaces create a sophisticated, contemporary look. Wood and laminate look attractive against a painted background in a neutral shade. Regarding the colour palette, serene hues like white, beige, and chic shades of grey and brown are in vogue. Island counters that can double up as dining tables and workstations can also be trendy.



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