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Retro-fit: the trend of up-scaling security systems

Retro-fit: the trend of up-scaling security systems

A new era of integrated security solutions facilitated by ‘intelligent’ devices connected to internet and low cost of installations is being witnessed

Whether a system is secure or not crucially depends on the complex interplay of its components and the assumptions about its environment. A single weakness can compromise the security of the entire system can cause high damage in terms of financial and legal implications. Many systems are developed without keeping scalability and future requirements in mind. Changing the systems which get obsolete with time not only invites huge expenses in terms of time and money but creates a lot of disorderliness in daily operations.

Customers today want a minimally-disruptive replacement program and an opportunity to save money by reducing their maintenance cost; inevitably create a niche market for scalable retro-fit systems.

A retrofit security solution provides the customer with a cost-effective upgrade path while allowing it to retain some of its previous investments and positively impacting his bottom line.
Sellox B.V. (India) offers specialised Key Centric Locking System Cylock wherein we can upgrade the existing mechanical locking system into a retro-fit electronic yet non-wired locking system.

Cylock puts artificial intelligence into the ‘key’ by replacing the mechanical cylinder of any lock with smart electronic cylinders. A retro-fit solution in every sense, this electronic system does not need wiring or a power source (not even batteries) as the cylinder (lock) is energised by the battery in the Cykey.

Benefits all along!
Old systems are much more prone to incidents involving poor detection, false alarms and excessive maintenance alerts. Operating such system may be advantageous initially in terms of controlling the life-cycle costs; however, investing in newer technology offers tremendous financial benefits by saving on high maintenance cost; and better security of course. Since Cylock does not need any wiring or battery, the existing obsolete system can be seamlessly upgraded without any structural changes or disruptions.

Technology changing the dynamics of security industry
Technology has made many things possible which weren’t exactly possible a decade back. It’s now possible to secure much more number of access points within the same budget as compared to few years back. With virtual networks taking over, all the communication now happens wirelessly with the system.

Cylock offers a cloud-based platform Cyber Audit Web which acts as the backbone of the system. It not only helps in program the keys but also provides a detailed audit trail which is the USP of this innovative system. As up to 3,900 events can be stored in the Cykey and 1,100 events in the cylinder (lock); one now comes to know who accessed which lock and when. This was unheard of with mechanical locking system.

No need for “cleansing the system”
A serious problem in old infrastructure is that as systems become obsolete they are migrated to new technologies but without “cleansing” the existing system. The old wires and cables are not reused but neither are they removed while relaying the new cables. Cylock does not require any wiring as there is no need that arises to “cleanse the system”.

Vishal Maheshwari, National Sales Leader, Sellox B.V. (India), says, “In my various trips to Indian government blocks I came across several offices with loose unused wires making desperate calls to be cleared out. These wires not only give the offices an unsightly look but also present a potential fire hazard.”

He continues, “Investing in retrofitting and upgrading existing mechanical locks to a web-based management system not only offers greater control over the system and more functionality but also is more affordable as it comes at a fraction of cost of wired security system.”

Win-win situation for both – the customer and system integrator
A correct retrofit solution should allow customer to re-use as much of his existing infrastructure such as current readers, cards, power supplies, cabinets and his wiring. When a customer is able to reuse these components, it not only saves his time but also the overall replacement cost.

It’s in the best interest of the system integrator also to work towards a retrofit solution as less or no time is wasted in pulling wires and rewiring the new system. The integrator increases his bottom line by quickly installing the system and moving on to his next job.

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In my various trips to Indian government blocks I came across several offices with loose unused wires making desperate calls to be cleared out.Vishal Maheshwari, National Sales Leader, Sellox B.V. (India)


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