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Building envelopes is critical in energy efficiency

Ar. Naveen G.J, Founder of De Square Architects, emphasises the latest advancements and technologies in building envelope solutions. “Building envelope solutions play a critical role in addressing key challenges related to energy efficiency, thermal comfort, moisture management, durability, and sustainability.“ How can architects and builders effectively incorporate passive design strategies into envelope designs? Building envelopes […]

Designing an award-winning Courtyard CCR Lab

Pioneering energy efficiency with sustainable building envelope

Ar. Mueen Haris, Founder of Ds2 Architecture speaks about building envelope solutions and enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability. “We prioritise sustainability through eco-friendly materials, energy efficiency, and innovative technology in our building envelope solutions.”  Sustainable practices Sustainability has become an increasingly important aspect in the construction industry. One of the key ways in which we […]

Designing an award-winning Courtyard CCR Lab

Let’s read the story of the guardians of a serene indoor oasis

The leading experts across the building envelope solution providers have shared their expertise and the latest advancements, propelling energy efficiency and sustainability to the forefront of architectural design. Building envelopes are of paramount importance in construction as they provide a protective shield, ensuring the separation of indoor and outdoor environments while safeguarding energy efficiency, structural […]

The emerging landscape of sustainable architecture