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The roles and outcomes of lighting change with every space

The roles and outcomes of lighting change with every space

In a residential space especially the choice of lighting has a lot to do with the character of its occupants say Varsha & Sunny, Lighting Consultants, Polestar International Lighting.

What is the role of lighting in well-designed interiors?
Interior design is mostly about the intelligent use of spaces. In this grand scheme, lighting occupies a great significance. Perfect lighting creates the desired aura required once everything else is in place. It reveals the beauty of the interiors, adds to the ambience of the space in question and successfully creates the right atmosphere without lights no design project can be complete. Moreover, interior designers look at different options of stylised lighting to ensure that lighting in itself too makes a statement in the décor.

How does mood lighting aid in creating the desired dose of ambience in a given space?
From early attempts to understand light and its role in our human world, there have been countless breakthroughs in lighting. From the Edison lamp to a fluorescent bulb and an LED today, we have come a long way. Using the precise light temperature, it is possible to impart any given space with the right mood. From a mood which recreates daylight, to a disposition which is warm and relaxed everything is possible. Usually, lights from 2700 K to 6500 K is utilised to bring these instances to life.

What are some of the important points to be considered before zeroing down on lighting for living spaces?
Living spaces define the people using the space. it is very important that the lighting consultant or advisor has precise knowledge about various lighting styles ranging from classic, contemporary and modern to art deco and Scandinavian. The size of the lighting fixture and the finer details like the metal, colour, style and design all matter a lot. The lighting advisor must work closely with the interior designer to arrive at the correct options which will enhance the beauty of the space.

When it comes to lighting in retail and commercial spaces vis a vis residential spaces, how does it differ?
The roles and outcomes of lighting change with every space. In retail and commercial spaces everything is outcome oriented. These spaces usually want the client to come down, spend quality time and make a purchase, whereas in offices the idea is to enhance productivity and bring out the best in the employees.

Lighting in all the above cases will be outcome driven whereas in a residential space the character of the person living has been taken into account. In such cases, relaxed lighting or statement lighting for the more social person is usually the right choice.

What kind of lighting can incorporate energy efficiency in a given space without compromising on the aesthetics?
Lighting design is at its peak in the home and garden sector. LED lights are known to be energy efficient and long lasting. The design of the light does not get compromised as there is ample availability of bulbs to fit into any kind of lighting design.


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