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Trimble at Roof India expo 2024

Trimble at Roof India expo 2024

The upcoming Roof India show in Bengaluru is expected to be a watershed moment for the roofing and construction industries.

Trimble, a major provider of construction technology solutions, prepares for this important event, they anticipate numerous interesting chances for cooperation, innovation, and growth.

The Roof India show has long been recognised as the leading forum for learning about the most recent advances in roofing technology, materials, and solutions, as well as pre-engineered and metal buildings. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, efficiency, and excellence, the show draws industry professionals, stakeholders, and experts from all over the globe. As the industry gathers in Bengaluru, for this year’s event, Trimble is positioned to play a vital role in influencing the future of construction.

Trimble is committed to advancing innovation and efficiency in the construction industry through our sophisticated technology solutions. From design to execution, our entire range of services enables professionals to optimise workflows, increase productivity, and produce outstanding results. Trimble, with a focus on digital transformation, sustainability, and collaboration, is at the forefront of revolutionising the design, construction, and maintenance of pre-engineered buildings.

Trimble prepares to attend the Roof India Exhibition 2024, and they are delighted to present their current offers to a varied range of industry stakeholders. Trimble offers a comprehensive range of solutions customised to the specific demands of the roofing and construction industry, including modern software platforms, precision layout tools, and cloud-based analytics.

This year’s exhibition is noted for its focus on sustainability and green building principles. With a growing emphasis on environmental conservation and resource optimisation, there is a greater need for sustainable solutions like PEBs that reduce carbon footprints and improve energy efficiency. Trimble is happy to be at the forefront of this trend, providing solutions that allow professionals to design, develop, and maintain environmentally friendly buildings.

Trimble’s involvement at the Roof India show will highlight our experience in pre-engineered buildings (PEBs) and Building Information Modelling (BIM). PEBs are a key component of modern construction, providing unprecedented efficiency and flexibility. Trimble’s advanced BIM solutions, such as Tekla Structures, enable professionals to design, detail, and build PEBs with precision and accuracy. Using BIM, architects, engineers, and contractors can interact more efficiently, optimise project workflows, and reduce errors throughout the construction process.

Trimble, with a rich tradition of producing industry-leading solutions, continues to be at the forefront of digital transformation in all segments of construction. Trimble’s roofing technologies provide a wide range of solutions designed to improve efficiency at every stage of the process. From advanced design software like Tekla Structures to SketchUp, they offer comprehensive solutions for accurate planning and execution.

The Roof India show offers an excellent platform for networking, collaboration, and knowledge transfer. Trimble is thrilled to contribute to the conversation and foster significant change in the roofing and construction sectors as industry leaders and professionals gather to share ideas, best practices, and insights.

Trimble is convinced that the event will spark cooperation, inspiration, and growth, and they are looking forward to interacting with their colleagues and partners to help define the industry’s future together.

For more information, visit: https://www.trimble.com/en


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