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What makes a building smart and intelligent

What makes a building smart and intelligent

This exclusive report describes the key components of an intelligent building

uPVC windows and doors
Manish Bansal, Director, Window Magic India shares few features of Window Magic uPVC windows and doors.

Eco-friendly: uPVC is Eco-friendly as it provides a smarter substitute for timber or wood which are largely used for making windows and doors resulting in huge deforestation. uPVC windows and doors can be recycled and used again.

Fire Resistant: These windows and doors are fire resistant and does not support fire combustion in the case of fire accidents in difference with the timber doors and windows.

Weather Resistant: uPVC windows and doors remain unaffected in almost all types of weathers and have great resistance against air, water, storm, strong sunlight, etc. uPVC windows and doors remain same for years even under worst weather conditions

Maximum Wind Resistant: uPVC windows and doors are highly durable and remain same for years. The strength served by uPVC is extra-ordinary, resulting in excellent performance over decades. These windows and doors do not rot or corrode and deliver attractive look to the structure for long.

Maximum Water Tightens: uPVC windows and doors serve remarkable water tightness ensuring zero incoming of rain and water filing between the joints.

High Acoustic: uPVC windows and doors act as excellent barriers for outdoor noise and disturbing sounds, offering comfortable living and also help in maintaining the privacy by restricting the indoor sound within the room.

Thermal Insulation: uPVC windows and doors have excellent thermal performance. During winters, they resist heat loss whereas in summers, they oppose heat gain.

Durability: uPVC windows and doors are highly durable and remain same for years. The strength served by uPVC is extra-ordinary, resulting in excellent performance over decades. These windows and doors do not rot or corrode and deliver attractive look to the structure for long.

Cost Effecting: uPVC windows are highly economical as compared with aluminium or wood windows and doors. Their cost-free maintenance and longevity make them more cost effecting against other materials

Quantum Vue and Energi TriPak
As awareness shifts towards the increasing benefits of energy efficiency, many businesses are exploring new methods of conservation. Lutron’s intelligent and highly flexible light control systems are easily integrated and capable of generating substantial savings while contributing towards productivity and the overall aesthetic of any building.

Lutron has been illuminating lives by providing dimmers for home, to lighting management systems for an entire building. “Currently, we have a wide array of offerings, some of which are quite popular in the Indian market like Lutron Quantum system and Quantum Vue software as well as Energi TriPak quick install energy solution. Lutron control systems are used in some of the most prestigious buildings and landmarks. Some of the prestigious clientele in India comprises of Microsoft Corp. Office in Gurgaon, Aditya Birla Corporate Office in Mumbai, Wells Fargo in Bangalore, Amazon in Hyderabad, Apple Office in Hyderabad, HCL Corporate floor in Noida, Sheela foams Corporate Office in Noida, Assam House in New Delhi, Barclays Bank Office in Pune and Noida, Amex in Gurgaon, Rail Bhawan in New Delhi, Parliament Annexi in New Delhi,” Claims Ripu Daman Sharma, Country Manager Sales, India Subcontinent, Lutron Electronics.

Quantum provides total light and energy management by tying lightings controls, motorised shades, digital ballasts and LED drivers and sensors together under one software umbrella – Quantum Vue.

Quantum Vue empowers to manage building from anywhere, any tablet, PC or smartphone. It allows users to control, set levels for and tune individual lights and shades from a graphical floor plan. Conditional programming enables controls to operate differently based on the time of the day. For example, occupancy sensors can be disabled during working hours, but re-enabled in non-working hours. It also provides reports to improve maintenance and operation efficiency including power or energy usage, system activity and lamp failures etc.

Energi TriPak consists of wireless and battery-operated devices like occupancy sensors, daylight sensors and handheld controllers that send out radio frequency commands to the load controllers with its patented Clear Connect RF technology for interference free and reliable wireless communication. The load controllers receive the RF command and perform the appropriate action based on the information received. By eliminating power cables and the control wiring between devices, it also dramatically reduces the design challenges, installation costs and risk associated with adding energy-saving lighting controls to existing buildings.

This control system allows users to transform any fixture into an intelligent and energy saving luminaire by providing it with wireless dimming, occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting capabilities that work right out of the box.
Additionally automated shading systems does much more than just blocking the unwanted sun. An automated shading systems assists in making significant contributions to a building’s energy efficiency and to a consumer’s productivity. It is said that access to views enhances mood, improves productivity, and increases memory function. Science proves that glare from windows can reduce productivity by up to 20 per cent and access to views from window increase memory function and mental recall by up to 15 per cent, thereby improving productivity by up to 12 per cent. Lutron’s automated shading systems are famous for their silent and precise operation as well as seamless integration with Lutron’s lighting control systems. To make things easier for existing spaces, Lutron also offers completely wireless shades operated by standard D-cell batteries, which can be installed in minutes but still provide the same seamless integration with lighting control systems.

EcoStruxure Building
Anil Kadam, GM (Business Development), Solution Architect, Schneider Electric India says, “Our advanced intelligent building solution is EcoStruxure Building. From design, through integration to commissioning, EcoStruxure Building brings best-in-class engineering efficiency to buildings. Combined with asset and energy performance services, it enables lifetime efficiency of building ensuring productivity and comfort for occupants”.

It’s a collaborative smart building platform and open system architecture allowing developers and partners to interact, share data and develop apps, increasing efficiency up to 30 per cent and ensuring optimal comfort for occupants. A comprehensive integrated solution improves overall cost of ownership with easy to access analytics and reporting.

As the world’s population continues to grow at an accelerated rate, global building stock will increase by 13 per cent by 2024. This next generation of buildings will continue to be more electric and need to operate smarter and more efficiently to handle increased demand from an ever-expanding occupant base. EcoStruxure Building improves overall cost of ownership with easy access to analytics and reporting through a comprehensive smart building portfolio of offers that includes:
EcoStruxure Building Operation: A building management software that integrates system and application data to make building operations easier to monitor, manage and optimise.

EcoStruxure Building Operation – Energy Expert: Building management energy module that tracks power consumption, allocates billing costs and conserves energy.

EcoStruxure Security Expert: Security solution that drives efficiencies by creating secure business environments that unify access control and intrusion detection.

EcoStruxure Fire Expert: Fire solution that saves time by providing immediate access to fire system data in the Cloud.

EcoStruxure Building Advisor: Continuously monitors building performance, proactively diagnoses issues and provides actionable intelligence that helps improve occupant comfort while lowering energy and maintenance costs up to 30 per cent.

EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor: Optimises facility usage by better understanding space utilisation and making data-driven decisions that maximise real estate value and improve the employee experience.

EcoStruxure Apps Studio: Application development platform for the creation of sleek, secure mobile applications that ensur5e comfort by providing occupants with easy access and control of room temperature, lighting, blind controls and other user-related conveniences.


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