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Window installation becomes affordable with Lingel

Window installation becomes affordable with Lingel

Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies has introduced Window shop for its customers. There are lists of expenses a customer may have and so investing in windows may be a difficult task. Lingel makes this easy for its customers to buy one window at a time. The one-window concept will enable many customers to avail the benefit.

Lingel Windows has been one of the leading manufacturers of uPVC Windows in India. Introducing the one-window concept will have its benefits as it will become easier for customers to choose from a variety of styles. A customer’s routine will not be disturbed as the window will get fixed in a day or two. A customer will only need to spend for one window at a time. No need for large investments and will also be able to have a premium product at minimal investment.
Windows and doors are key players when it comes to any home’s energy efficiency. When there is a reduced amount of air circulating in and out of a house, there is an increased level of comfort inside and a lower energy bill. Although window replacement is a big decision for any homeowner, the benefits nearly always outweighs the cost.

(No) 1 Window Shop was initiated to let the customers experience the quality of windows that is manufactured by Lingel India. Many customers may be apprehensive to replace all the windows in their homes or spend huge amounts. The one window concept will let them know that their decision opting for Lingel Windows is right and a difficult decision is now made easy.

The company’s initial focus is always their customers’ individual needs, such as their expectations for the product, style preferences and the budget. Lingel advises their customers to first schedule for an in-home consultation to determine their window needs. After a thorough assessment, Lingel team then recommends product and the plan that works within the set budget.

For any further information,
please visit www.lingelwindows.com

Authored by
Mario Schmidt,
MD, Lingel Windows and
Doors Technologies Pvt. Ltd


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