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Windows create spaces for people to thrive

Windows create spaces for people to thrive

Nehal Bazari, Head of Marketing for Eternia, speaks about the aesthetic value and significance of windows in today’s time.

Why is it important to prioritise windows in home design and renovation, and what is the main objective behind emphasising their significance?

Windows are an important architectural element that can enhance the visual appeal of a building, both from the inside and outside. Apart from the visual appeal, large floor to ceiling windows also add a lot of natural lighting to the home, making your spaces brighter and thriving. It gives an opening into the world outside.

At IDAC 2023, we exhibited a wide range of WiWA-certified Duranium-made system aluminium windows and doors. WiWA is a measure of a window’s ability to protect the house from cyclones, water leakage, noise & pollution. It’s a simple tool a home owner can use to choose the right window for their house.

What kind of strengths and core values has made you one of the premium brands for doors and windows?

Our main strengths are rooted in the parentage of Aditya Birla Group & Hindalco. Aditya Birla Group needs no description, it is a hallmark of trust and at Eternia we hold that value to the core. Therefore, every Eternia products goes through rigorous testing by independent agencies against strict international standards and have a WiWA certification and score transparently shared with the customer.

Hindalco is the world leader in aluminium. As a result, Eternia has an advantage in introducing cutting-edge global technology to India, including many world-firsts such as our patented aluminium alloy Duranium, which offers both strength to withstand cyclonic winds and a stunning finish.

How do you assess the transition and design aesthetics for the doors and windows industry?

The industry has progressed from small to large floor to ceiling windows and from bulky designs to sleek designs. There is a growing trend towards modern and minimalist designs that emphasise clean lines and simplicity. Earlier, enormous frames were regarded as beautiful, expensive, or premium, but the new trend is seamlessness, which means  the window is fully flushed under the floor on the wall.

Which contemporary and energy-efficient design do you offer for doors and windows to your customers?

 Eternia is the only Aluminium System Window company in India to have IGBC GreenPro certification and the reason is our design as well as completely integrated back-end value chain- we mine the bauxite we use in our windows and are the largest recyclers of Aluminum in the world.

All Eternia windows undergo air permeability test which is a measure for checking air leakage in closed condition. This ensures there is no leakage of AC air outside. Our windows are also compatible with high-performance glass, such as double-glazed glass, which reduces the heat entering through the glass area due to direct sunlight. 


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