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AluPure Doors and Windows enrich the aesthetics of interiors

AluPure Doors and Windows enrich the aesthetics of interiors

We have a customer-centric approach to designing products that ensure performance.

What key strengths and core values have made you one of the premium brands for doors and windows?

 The most important thing in the Indian market is to have the right product that caters to the needs of Indian consumers. The second most important thing is our service to our customers. The channel partners who ultimately deliver the product to the end user are our customers. The final consumer must receive a product they can treasure, enjoy, and feel content about making the appropriate purchase. Therefore, we focus on the performance of our doors and windows. The materials used should be of good quality to last a long time. We provide a 10-year warranty on our products. The customer is at the core of our thinking before designing any product and its performance.

What are some essential factors to consider when choosing doors and windows?

Productivity refers to how much energy-saving the window can bring to the house. Most homes have air conditioning or heating facilities, and the energy consumption is a significant factor to consider. Choosing the right glass for the window is crucial, and the window must be able to handle the desired glass thickness to provide optimal efficiency. Windows that cannot handle the proper glass type limit energy-saving potential, resulting in higher energy bills.

In conclusion, customers are becoming more aware of the importance of doors and windows. Architects, editors, and professionals in the industry are doing their part to educate customers on the critical factors to consider when selecting windows. When choosing windows, performance, efficiency, and aesthetics are the main points to remember.

How would you assess the transition in design aesthetics for the doors and windows industry?

Customers demand efficiency, performance, and aesthetics. Earlier, there was no demand for bigger slim panels in sliding doors and windows, but now, everybody needs those panels. We launched that system three years ago, contributing to a major part of our sales because the market demand for those slim panels with good visibility is high. If you have a living room next to the swimming pool, you need a big panel for a good view. This makes your place a pleasant and happening place. Similarly, larger panels with more visibility and sunlight intake are currently in demand. A bigger ventilated panel adds value to buildings, and everybody wants it.

Which contemporary and energy-efficient designs do you design/material for doors and windows?

Currently, we offer aluminium as the major material with the highest market share in India. For thermal insulation, it is important to choose the glass wisely based on factors such as the desired efficiency, the size of the room, and panel size. Glass options range up to 40 mm laminated with double or triple glass, offering the highest efficiency. Our systems can fulfil all these requirements, and customers can select the glass type based on their budget and needs. While some may find certain types of glass too expensive, others may prioritise energy savings and security and find the added cost worth it to enjoy the benefits of improved efficiency and performance.

How is your organisation evolving in terms of sustainable doors and windows?

Over the next five years, sustainability will be a crucial focus for our Group. To achieve this, we have set ambitious goals to reduce the carbon footprint of our manufacturing plants. To accomplish this, we are implementing solar power panels that will provide all the energy required for the plant from the sun. While we may need government supplies at night, we are committed to using as much solar power as possible. Furthermore, we are developing new, thermally efficient, energy-saving products, such as the thermal brake system. Though currently in low demand in India, we recognise the need to evolve with the market and plan to launch this product to increase efficiency in homes and buildings. All of these efforts are centred around sustainability and energy conservation.


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