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Stainless Academy by Jindal to minimize the skill-opportunity gap in India

India’s largest stainless steel manufacturer, Jindal Stainless, has received endorsement from Capital Goods Skill Council (CGSC), a Government of India initiative for creating a vibrant eco-system for quality training and skill development. CGSC has recognised efforts made by Jindal Stainless in advancing stainless steel fabrication training programmes, conducted across the country, to train grass-root level […]

Antica Ceramica introduces Tropical design wall tiles collection

Novel Board – The perfect alternative to plywood

Sleek Boards have introduced Novel Board, which is a cost effective alternative to BWP plywood in India. Furniture and door manufacturers can get the benefit of an engineered panel product which is far superior to any Particle board or MDF/HDF and which meets the functional properties of BWP grade plywood. The major shortcomings of engineered […]

Skora’s eco-friendly solutions with smart quartz technology

Wienerberger India takes a major step towards achieving sustainability in its Kunigal factory

The global provider of building materials and infrastructure solutions will be switching to Natural Gas from conventional solid fuel for the Brick Kiln firing process at its manufacturing unit in Kunigal. Wienerberger India, has announced that it has gone a step further in its endeavour to achieve sustainability in production by switching to Natural Gas […]

Skora’s eco-friendly solutions with smart quartz technology

CMC introduces translucent porcelain slabs

Classic Marble Company (CMC) has introduced a translucent porcelain slab – Yellow Onyx from its Kalesinterflex range. The yellow porcelain slab exhibits swirls in a darker shade across its surface and easily resembles the natural Onyx. When lit from the rear, the illuminated slab displays vibrant hues of gold, glowing up the adjoining space. The […]

Cutting-edge water treatment solutions for optimal effectiveness and efficiency

Ihita Engineering Services specializes in supply of multiple formwork solutions

Ihita offers heavy infrastructure steel formwork, low cost eco formwork with aluminium and replaceable face after minimum guaranteed repetitions. That apart other formwork solutions the company has in its wide product portfolio includes climbing formwork, slab deck, drop deck form and quick strip lift formwork solutions. Ihita is able to offer a wide variety of […]

Skora’s eco-friendly solutions with smart quartz technology

Asian Paints launches “Beautiful Homes Service”

The new normal of living primarily at home has people rediscovering the love for their home and personal space. The Indian consumer has always had a very emotional relationship with their home, making it not just a functional space but an expression of their personality and values. In the current context this relation has only […]

Cutting-edge water treatment solutions for optimal effectiveness and efficiency

Waterproofing the Motera: The worlds largest cricket stadium

Motera Stadium – elevating cricket to a global sport Ranked among the “Top 5 waterproofing brands of India”,Sunanda Global had the honour and privilege of providing end to end waterproofing systems for the Sardar Patel Stadium or Motera Stadium in 2019. With a reported seating capacity of over 1.10 lakh, the stadium is the pride […]

An innovative approach to faster and smarter station redevelopment

JSW Steel sees greater opportunity for anti-microbial coated steel products amidst new normal

JSW Steel Ltd, India’s leading steel company, expects a larger play in the Specialty Coil coating business. Color coated coils with properties like anti-microbial & anti-dust has opened new opportunities for the product segment to grow in India within the new normal. JSW Steel has begun the roll-out of JSW Radiance, a steel color-coated product […]

FlipSpaces designing techniques for future-ready commercial areas