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Asian Paints launches “Beautiful Homes Service”

Asian Paints launches “Beautiful Homes Service”

The new normal of living primarily at home has people rediscovering the love for their home and personal space. The Indian consumer has always had a very emotional relationship with their home, making it not just a functional space but an expression of their personality and values. In the current context this relation has only amplified further. Asian Paints, India’s largest paint and décor company, has always aimed at being an integral part of this home-making emotion. Taking this into account, Asian Paints launches a new, convenient and hassle-free service that enables people to transform their homes the way they want. Asian Paints’ Beautiful Homes Service is an exclusive end-to-end solution that provides consumers a personalized interior design service with professional execution to create their dream home their way.

The journey to the creation of Beautiful Homes Service began several years ago when Asian Paints first segued into products other than paint, like Sleek brand of kitchens and the bath ware range. In order to better understand consumers and be part of their décor conversations, Asian Paints also launched beautifulhomes.com, a content and design editorial website, almost four years ago. Today, beautifulhomes.com is a community of close to a million followers and subscribers. The site’s design coverage and discussions have ensured that Asian Paints is able to communicate directly and hear their consumers. These diverse efforts to become a more intrinsic part of the Indian homemaking process culminates today in the launch of Beautiful Homes Service.

The Beautiful Homes Service has been launched in nine key cities across India to provide a personalized and professional interior design experience to consumers. Beautiful Homes Service has undertaken a top-notch safety protocol during the COVID times for consumers as well. Asian Paints has also released a campaign with two digital films for this service.


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