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Mod Scaff offers varied products for construction and infrastructure sector

Mod Scaff has been providing numerous solutions for the construction and infrastructure sector including high-rises on a pan India basis says Manoj Sachdeva, Director, Mod Scaff Pvt Ltd. As more and more high-rises are becoming super high-rises, what kind of innovations are being witnessed in the scaffolding and formwork industry? As with the rapid changing […]

Drythane solutions drive energy efficiency and prolong building lifespan

Nova plastic formwork can help scale up the speed of construction

This has strengthened our presence in high-rises and infrastructure projects has increased drastically. We have added new clients too, says Vikas Mittal, Director, Nova Formworks Pvt Ltd Since there has been a significant rise in infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, water etc, how would the infrastructure segment benefit from plastic formwork? Nova plastic formwork can […]

Modular airport – Future of Indian aviation

PERI has consistently addressed complex challenges involved in metro projects

Hyderabad Metro, Mumbai Metro, Bengaluru metro, Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL), Lucknow metro are some of the projects which have utilised our state-of-art formwork and scaffolding system says Raj Lakhani, Managing Director – PERI (India) Private Limited. When it comes to ongoing metro railway projects, they are either overhead or underground, keeping this in mind, […]

Drythane solutions drive energy efficiency and prolong building lifespan

Safety and sustainability are of utmost importance in formwork systems

Safety for the site operator and the integrity of the formwork system is always paramount. All innovations developed are undertaken with stringent on-site trials to ensure safety standards are maintained and improved, says Manikandan Mahalingam, General Director, Paschal FormWork (India) Pvt Ltd. When it comes to large scale infrastructure projects which are either overhead or […]

Drythane solutions drive energy efficiency and prolong building lifespan

Msafe: An array of Aluminium Scaffolding products for your needs

An aluminium scaffold is much more expensive when compared to traditional galvanized steel. But at the same time, it is significantly lighter and has a High Corrosion resistance which makes it highly durable. The top five reasons to use an aluminium scaffold tower with a stairway are: • Safety is paramount • Mobility • Lower […]

Sudhakar Profile Systems offers three major profile systems for uPVC windows and doors

Asian Paints launches “Beautiful Homes Service”

The new normal of living primarily at home has people rediscovering the love for their home and personal space. The Indian consumer has always had a very emotional relationship with their home, making it not just a functional space but an expression of their personality and values. In the current context this relation has only […]

Drythane solutions drive energy efficiency and prolong building lifespan

Tunnel Formwork is the best solution for manpower shortage

The repetitive nature of the system and the use of prefabricated forms and reinforcing mats/cages simplifies the whole construction process says Satish Kolaki, Managing Director, Satcon Engineers and Construction Equipment. What kind of projects are best suited for the Tunnel Formwork System? Using one set of tunnel forms, you can build the shell for a […]

Drythane solutions drive energy efficiency and prolong building lifespan

Building sturdy bridges

Modern bridge construction demands technologies that are faster, safer and innovative. Infrastructure development has a significant share in India’s economy, be it roads, railways, metro-rail, airports or affordable housing. Construction of bridges is at the core of any development for roads, railways and metro rail. Keeping up standards For nearly 50 years, PERI products and […]

Thermax expands production facility in Pune